Sony: No charge for PSN until we have justifying features

Rumors have run wild that Sony will be offering premium services for PSN, with many guessing that cross game chat will come at that price. At GDC 2010, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton addressed these rumors, saying that Sony is 'really proud' with what they currently offer, and won't start charging for PSN until they have features that would justify that cost.

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EasilyTheBest3497d ago

It wont be long then before we are all paying for PSN..

blitz06233497d ago

Just like your XBL right? It doesn't even have justifying features, it just wants your money.

ExPresident3497d ago

Sony has already said you'll never have to pay for the things you currently enjoy, ie playing multiplayer free over PSN. If you want anything they may offer in the future then yes, those things may come at a price, but standard PSN use to play games will always be free.

awesomeperson3497d ago


The same service now will still exist, but it will be OPTIONAL to pay for extras.... You can still play online for free and stuff.

arny3497d ago

Isnt this supposed to be good news???

despair3497d ago

definitely sounds like good news but what qualifies as justified features worth charging?

blitz06233497d ago

Well this is good enough for me.

El_Colombiano3497d ago

I love how they consider playing online with millions upon millions of other people across the planet a "not justifying feature" to charge for.


pixelsword3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

What they have is all I need.

I could care less about chatting with friends while I play anymore. I used to because it's efficient on my cousin's XBL to coordinate gaming, but I don't really care about that anymore since I can send messages.

But if/when Sony starts to charge for cross-game chat, they will have justified Microsoft for charging.

3497d ago
blasian3497d ago

ya believe hes just stating everything we have now will stay the same but anything we want extra will cost a fee which is understandable. Some people do not want cross game chat and all the other features so they still wont have to pay anything.

presto7173497d ago

Pay to play online. Hahaha!! After paying full price for the game and paying internet bill. What a joke.

3497d ago
TotalPS3Fanboy3497d ago

It only does Free Online Play.


It only charge for Justifying Features.

smittyjerkins3497d ago

I did a little bit of searching on Kotaku because I remember a survey that SCE was having about PSN a while back. Just check out the link and I think it will give everyone a better idea about what Sony is looking into to make a paid service

SeanRL3497d ago

What does that mean? I think he basically just told everyone that we will have to pay soon.

ReservoirDog3163497d ago

He's basically just talking about that premium service right? Makes sense to me. I probably won't get it but it's cool if it's worth it.

Rockox3497d ago

It only does Free Online Play...For Now.

PaLaK-3497d ago

If you think about xbox live, a subscription is $30, so if for 2007, 2008 and 2009 around 11 million people got xbox live Microsoft have got $1billion dollars just from live! And those figures are probably way lower than the actual figures! Sony have saved us ps3 gamers about $1billion dollars over the past few years, and MS have had this extra money yet still Sony is the one pumping out the new IPs, the AAA exclusives and quality. Therefore, I'd support a sony premium service as long as it wasn't costing more than xbox live and sony havent disappointed me so I'm sure they're features will justify the cost - and about xgame chat, I would save a lot of mins by just talking to friends rather than ringing them!

vhero3497d ago

MS should take a leaf out of their book.

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gauntletpython3497d ago

I just want to know what they consider 'justifying features'. Hopefully it isn't just cross game chat.

butterfinger3497d ago

myself. Cross game chat alone does not justify charging for a service, but I am interested to see what else Sony has in mind.

El_Colombiano3497d ago

Uploading your game saves to a server for access on any PS3? I would love that

AutoCad3497d ago

So when they release Cross game voice chat and Party chat, they are going to stat charging.?

talltony3497d ago

What's free now will always be free. New features will be their for prescriptions to add to what's free now.

spunnups3497d ago

You can answer your own question by READING THE ARTICLE!!