Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode One - The Taxidermist Review (

For all of those out there who enjoyed their time with Heavy Rain, you now have a chance to get back into its world by the way of downloadable content. Going by the name of "Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode One-The Taxidermist", this piece of downloadable content brings you Madison Paige during her investigation of the Origami Killer, although this is set during 2009, two years before the storyline in the full game. You play Madison , who believes she may have tracked the killer to a Taxidermist's house. Read more for the full review.

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redbadger3502d ago

cant wait to get my hands on this one.

NotSoSilentBob3501d ago

Sadly I got this DLC when I pre-ordered the game and am glad it was free. This doesn't add into the cannon of the Heavy Rain story line. It takes place while Madison is looking for Scotts apartment and looks at someone else place first. I do not recommend anyone buy this as it doesn't make any sense and it doesn't add any trophies.