3.6GHz Core i5 680 in the works

Intel is gearing up to launch its fastest dual-core to date, the 3.6GHz Core i5-680.

The Clarkdale-based 32nm part has a TDP of 73W, which is quite impressive considering its high clock. It has 2x256kB of L2 and 4MB of L3 cache. Its integrated graphics are clocked at 733MHz and it officially supports dual channel DDR3 1333. We still don't know the exact price or launch date, but it will probably retail around the 240 Euro mark, which is quite pricey for a dual-core, regardless of the clock.

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mittwaffen3496d ago

Just a dual core in the end....

MorganX3496d ago

Yeah. Overkill. Until Windows and apps start using more threads and Silverlight/XAML are utilizied heavily in the Windows UI desktops don't really need all the CPU and GPU power available to the desktop. Thanks to Xbox & PS3 taking care of gaming.

Even with all the CPU/GPU, gaming on a PC still produces screen tearing so why bother.