Why Are Gamers Overweight? A Video Commentary

DualShockers TV: In this latest episode of the RawGamePlay show, Michael Hurdle and Corey Ashley discuss the correlation between gamers and being overweight/obese. As a not-so-thin gamer myself some of it is hard to listen to, however it does make you think about the bad eating habits many of us gamers have. Check out the clip below to see what these guys are talking about.

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JoelT3499d ago

I don't think it's as much about the food, because when gaming especially online at night, you can't really sit there and enjoy a meal. I think it's all the soda and energy drinks and stuff of that nature that is to blame for it.

Chadness3499d ago

Yeah, those drinks are definitely the #1 culprit. I've cut back drastically on soda and have lost weight just from that. Of course, thinking about what you're eating - even when it comes to snacks during gaming sessions - does help too.

arny3499d ago

most gamers drink litres of soda while gaming

JoelT3499d ago

I realized it a few weeks back just how much soda one consumes on a normal nightly gaming session. It made me think really hard about it. Now I game with a giant 24 pack of water bottles next to me. If I get thirsty just grab one from there.

Hitman07693499d ago

This is interesting, and I agree that its probably mostly to blame on snacks and soda. I think people definitely need to be careful gaming because you will have a tendency to eat things that require 0 time to cook and usually those things are bad for you. I think that metabolism has a lot to do with it too and we all vary on that note so one solution might not fit all, you gotta find your own balance.


Because they don't get any p*ssy. So they don't know that sex is the best exercise...EVER!

xTruthx3499d ago

I was overweight b4, was at 230. After exercise and a diet went to 140, then I started to work out and am at 165

Christopher3499d ago

I wish sex was the 'best' exercise in regards to calorie burning. While it can burn more than perhaps jogging a mile or so, I definitely burn a ton more running for half an hour a day than I could with a good hour with the wife.

Sorry about the bluntness of the statement and don't mean to be open with a desire to somehow make myself look more masculine and virile. Just a 32 year-old married guy who's found that no matter how much fun you have exercising in the bedroom, you really need a good, non-stop, cardio/endurance/strength workout to really lose weight. Those guys in porn movies don't have six-pack abs from all the movies they make, you know?

presto7173499d ago

I generally dont like eating while gaming because I dont have 3 hands (wish I did then).

I problem is soda though. I drink way too much f**king coke. I just hope that sh*t isn't killing me slowly...


You're right,I should have said its My Favorite exercise:p

JsonHenry3499d ago

Anyone that sits and eats crap is gonna be fat. No secret to it. I play games quite a bit but I hit the gym 5-6 days a week and eat healthy (99% of the time) and I am not fat or overweight.

PaLaK-3499d ago

Some people can eat crap all day and still not gain weight whilst gaming - others are unlucky and pile on the pounds quickly, it's just down to genetics and metabolism. It also helps if you balance the gaming with sport, healthy eating out, a social life etc to improve healthy physically and mentally.

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Hitman07693499d ago

That pic is epic... I'm just not sure if it's epic FAIL or what? LoL

Das_Bastardion3499d ago

But i enjoy going to the gym 2 hours daily, lol im not precisely "overweight"

iiprotocolii3499d ago

The consumption of fatty foods is the culprit, of course. But I'm pretty sure that if exercise was thrown into the mix a couple of times a week, we wouldn't have the obese gamers that are out there.

Hitman07693499d ago

I agree with you and with iFLOWLIKEWATER :)

JsonHenry3499d ago

Actually, the consumption of CARBs that do not get burnt off during the day and convert to fat while you sleep is the bigger culprit.

Eating (bad) fats doesn't make you fat, they just give you hardened arteries.

Foxgod3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I am a gamer who works out, result = a gamer who is not overweight.
If you want to consume a lot, you better be prepared to move a lot.

Food is our fuel, if you consume too much fuel, karma will strike you hard.

duplissi3499d ago

lol, yeah... i go to the gym almost every day and run at least 3 miles then lift some weights.

IG_DARKSA1NT3499d ago

It's definitely the soda and energy drinks. And yes, we should all stay active and exercise.

AzarVC3499d ago

I don't drink any soda due to how bad it is for your health, but I eat snacks like a mofo.

Probably should stop doing that stuff. Haha.

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