Is Kratos cribbing from Max Payne?

Kratos and Max Payne aren't names frequently uttered in the same sentence. One's the bald, rage-fueled protagonist of one of gaming's greatest hack-and-slash franchises, and the other's an insomniac gunfighter who's addicted to painkillers and is soon to make a comeback as a paunchy, bearded version of himself.

However, there's one key scene near the end of God of War III that almost perfectly mimics a similar, incredibly memorable sequence from Max Payne – and once we'd noticed that, numerous other similarities between the two characters and their twisted revenge stories suddenly clicked into place.

Because it's a spoiler, GamesRadar saved those "key scenes" for last, but there are a handful of other big similarities that are difficult to deny. Does God of War owe its existence to the precedents set by Max Payne? Well, no – but it's probably fair to say that one was an inspiration to the other. Consider the following...

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pwneddemocrat3496d ago

Max Payne can never be as badass as Kratos.
N.6 really lacks sense of humor imo.

Kratos Spartan3496d ago

who else can lay claim to slaughtering all the Greek Gods and Titans

Rock Bottom3495d ago

Stupidest article from a legit gaming site in 2010... More stupid points if they were actually trying to be funny.

dredgewalker3494d ago

The other one is bald, bad-ass, eats gods and titans for breakfast, has a ton of gory moves, weapons to die for, chick magnet and one of the craziest mofo's you don't want to mess with. The other one has a gun and more comparable with the Punisher...nuff said.