2010 Publisher Forecast: Microsoft

Gaming Target writes:

"Microsoft's driving mantra for 2010 seems to be quality over quantity. With only three major titles on tap for the Fall (and only two others in the Summer), the publisher looks to be putting all of its eggs in a Natal-shaped basket. But with Halo: Reach, Alan Wake and a Perfect Dark remake marked down on the calendar, no one can say that Microsoft's 2010 will be boring."

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Foxgod3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I am curious to what MS is keeping under its sleeves atm.
I noticed that MS got absolutely nothing announced for the holidays, why would they release Fable 3 and Halo Reach so early if they got nothing for the holidays?
Then they might as well have released those titles in November to push the 360 in the holiday period.

This leads me to believe that MS got a bunch of really nice Natal enabled exclusives, waiting to be revealed for the holidays.

Personally i expect a platformer from Rare, Black and white from Lionhead, and a shooter from epic.
Unreal 3 would be great.

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Blaze9293499d ago

that's what microsoft does now, just keeps things usually under wraps and unveil it when that game can be release in at least a year time frame or less. So I wouldn't be surprised to see a load of announcements for Natal's launch of course as well as 360 titles for this year and next. They don't keep you waiting for year(s)...unlike others.

arny3499d ago

ms has some good games this year

AridSpider3499d ago

halo reach will own everything released this year

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beans3499d ago

I just saw some new Crackown footage on Game It's looking like some crazy fun with up 16 player death matches. MS is delivering on so many notes this year which is why I have no doubts about there 2010 holiday lineup.

jakethemuss3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Any unreal release is likely to be on the ps3 also.

Edit: Beans: How? With What?
* 343 Industries: Markets Halo, nothing else.
* BigPark: XBLA games.
* Lionhead Studios: Fable 3
* Turn 10 Studios: Just release Forza, thus unlikely to release anything else till next year.
* Xbox Live Productions: XBLA games.
* Wingnut Interactive: Vapourware

Only studios I see doing anything is
* Firebird Studios
* Spawnpoint Studios
These two are working on natal titles, which are likely to be arcadey.
*Rare: Will release somthing round the holiday season, but they are hit and miss.

Looking at their 2nd party, I don't think any of them are releasing althing, cept maybe GoW 3.

beans3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

"Edit: Beans: How? With What? "

Relax bro and enjoy the ride like the rest of us. At E3 if things turn out well my comment will actually hold much more weight. Already we have huge games like Alan Wake, ME2, Conviction, Crackdown2 and Reach which are all big games. Also it's just not about how many games but what's in the overall package coming to 360 titles. All 360 games are coming with sometype co-op and and all kinds of online extras not found in to many PS3 or Wii games. To ask how and with what just sounds DUMB!

Edit below: There is nothing like Reach, Crackdown2 or Alan Wake on PS3 nothing so get over it already!

ME2 and Conviction are both 360 console exclusives so get over that as well also.

"Mag - 256 player battl..... Oops ps3 exclusive my bad."

Mag has nothing on Reach for crying out loud.

"Also Sony still have exclusives, should be good for gamers this year."

And who said they didn't?

"and not Metro 2033, seem 360 owners are quickly acting to cover it up."

Covering what up? You think because these whack review sites are giving Metro not so good reviews I'm bothered by it? Metro although not perfect looks better indoors than any game on PS3 or 360 to date. As a matter a fact not one site has even made a comparison because obviously there's nothing in it for them.

My comment was truthful and in no way knocking PS3.

jakethemuss3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Reach: Mulitplayer shooter - Ps3 has many.
Alan Wake - Adult Single Player - Ps3 has them.
Crackdown - SuperHero Snadbox - Ps3 Has Them.
Me2 - Not 360 exclusive.
Conviction - Not 360 exclusive.
Mag - 256 player battl..... Oops ps3 exclusive my bad.

The games coming out are good, but not as you put it, bringing something new to the 360 not seen on the ps3. Also Sony still have exclusives, should be good for gamers this year.

Also lol at you mentioning conviction and ME2 and not Metro 2033, seem 360 owners are quickly acting to cover it up.

sid4gamerfreak3499d ago

MS has a good lineup of games for 2010. Nothing like Sony's lineup, but still good. Its a great year to be a gamer.

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TOO PAWNED3499d ago

Halo, Gears, Fable, Flopza, Halo, Gears, Fable, Flopza, Halo, Gears, Fable, Flopza, > copy/paste...

2FootYard3499d ago

You're not a very good troll.

Godmars2903499d ago

But at least he's in the right area :p

Porkround3499d ago

Part 3 was subpar to me. I'm hoping reach breaths some fresh air into the halo franchise.

Inside_out3499d ago

Well...'09 all the fan boys were saying Microsoft had nothing for E3...Hmmmm...Deja vu....Then E3 came and Microsoft flattened the competition...A complete beat down...I hope Sony embraces third party developers this time...And I want to see IN GAME game play NOT in engine cut scenes.... 2010 looking interesting....Once bitten...Twice shy...

crck3499d ago

Looking forward to Crackdown 2 and Perfect Dark. Everything else is eh, whatever...

KeiserSosay47883499d ago

They must have some good stuff, because usually they "leak" hopefully it's awesome

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