Unreal Engine 3-powered WWI shooter revealed

Kuju is promising to set new high standards in the first-person genre with its new Unreal Engine 3 shooter, To End all Wars, in development for 360 and PS3 and due to release in summer 2008.

It's to World War I we go, this game set in the war-torn trenches of Europe, and Kuju hopes to put together the most accurate recreation of the conflict ever.

"The authenticity of the conflict has been put at the heart of the project. Period locations will be recreated in lavish detail, only weaponry of the time will be available and character design will reflect the uniforms and style of the era" explains Ghostlight, the publisher.

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AnDy FrOm MiAmi4308d ago

Omfg another world war game but the worst part is that it is world war 1!!!

Dudeson424308d ago

I was worried that we'd have a full 3 month period where a WW shooter wasn't released. I actually woke up in a cold sweat last night after dreaming that the CoD series was going to stop after "Call of Duty 17: The Really Great Finest Hour, No Really, This Hour Is The Finest One". I guess I can rest easy and sleep well tonight.

cr33ping_death4308d ago

well ill take vintage weapons over lasers and and shield bombs, and homing machine guns(whats that gun called in resistance?) well point is im into more realistic weapons, which is why i love GEARS, aside from the chainsaw bayonet its all relatively close to non scifi as it can get(when it comes to the weapons)so not much of a green yello blue red or what ever color lasers there are in games nowadays. :) thanks for reading.

FreeMonk4308d ago

Do we need another World War game???

Noo Noo, do we need another FPS game??

Mishmash194308d ago

i would say do the game on vietnam for a change but that will never go through. too many people opposed and still do our involvement there. maybe the gulf war?? something other than a world war game.

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The story is too old to be commented.