New French Publisher Zallag Knows That the Future is DLC

VGChartz writes: "Just-founded game publisher Zallag is doing its best to push the game industry into the future, and that future (they're sure!) lies in downloadable content."

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Braineater24483136d ago

Love the comics and looking forward to the games. I love small devs :)

BeardedGamerShow3136d ago

Never heard of them before, but looks pretty cool. Have to see how these turn out.

Rubang3136d ago

While I completely love the French and indie devs, and WiiWare in particular, I disagree that DLC is "the future," considering half of console owners don't even know how to connect their consoles to the internet.

Braineater24483136d ago

I actually think more than half are connected. Not sure of the exact numbers, but EA Sports of all people had numbers on it.

Fullish3136d ago

Get back to PC gaming, enough with the DLC

smilydude133136d ago

I really don't like DLC, or digital distribution in general rather.

Every time I buy a game of PSN for instance, I feel a bit of buyers remorse because I simply don't feel like I own it and I know in 20 years I won't be able to add it to my collection.

Sorry, guys. Digital distribution may be convenient -- but I'll take a hard copy over that any day.

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