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Forza 2 Racism: The whole picture

Following on from yesterday's news story where one of the many racist cars to pollute Forza 2's auction house was revealed, 360 Gamer's now taken the decision to show the infinitely more offensive piece of text that adorned the other side of the vehicle, in response to many of the user comments they have received.

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AnDy FrOm MiAmi4221d ago

Oh no!!! Take cover here come the fan girls!!!

ASSASSYN 36o4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

This issue has nothing to do with being a fan of a game. The focus is ignorance and lack of tolleration. No matter how much I care less for sony systems and games I wouldn`t want gamers to experience any racist text, verbal comments, and bigots. Stay on topic.

This represents a lack of education. Ship those N#$#%AS does that mean other non-natives people need to return to europe, japan, and china? Or should we (humans) all go back to the location we all came from... Africa is the orgin of Man. The oldest bones of a man ever found originate from Africa. And did anyone know there where 7 unique species of man living at the same exact time in history. Only one lives today.

Homo sapiens because we had dominate genes and the ability to adapt to our enviorment and motovation to share knowledge. Lack of education breeds level 9 retards incapable of critical thinking and logic.

You only hate what you can`t emulate!

below: Chris your a damn idiot. Did you know south africa is a nuclear powered country? And it is an extremely devloped country along with cammeroon. South africa is also the only country with nuclear weapons. You only believe africans live in huts because that is all you allowed yourself to see. Go get some education before you typse something so stupid. Now you know.

And ingorant fanboy you definitely have the right name. The reason you have different races is because of your enviorment. The type of enviorment you live in decides how you will look physically over 100`s of generations. Diseases and viruses are not race specific nor affect just one race independently. Africain decendants have wide noses to enhale more air for more oxygen in a hot enviorment. A japanese person has slanted eyes because of an adaptation to high velocity windy enviorments. A white person has pale skin because the need for a darker tone was lost in a less sunny enviorment of cold cloudy europe. Go take a class in anthropology, orgin of species and genology. Or go watch the discovery channel. Your febile mind is void of knowledge on this subject.

Ignorant Fanboy4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

But did you also know that those genes you were talking are the cause of most racism.

A long time ago when two races come together they bring their diseases and viruses with them, to which the other race has no immunity.

Our instincts told us to stay away, now thousands of years later, when every race has been introduced to every other race, no diseases to worry about.

But still their is a part of every human to be cautious around another race, these genes are wearing out every generation, but are still there. Hopefully one day we will become one race.

BTW, Im not racist, I was raised by a black woman, I just know its something deeper than an insecurity.

JasonXE4221d ago

I've check the whole auction house at times for good looking design cars, and have not seen a racist car design. The worst would be a conferate(sp?) flag car on the first day. The worst is the naked anime girls that people keep on trying to sell. But if there is racist car designs then it should be taken care of promtly.

Chris_GTR14221d ago

hey assasin. i see your point. but i gotta say.. if everyone came out of africa then why is africa so crappy? they live in huts.they have no history. europe has castles and churches all sorts of amazing buildings that were build milleniums ago. even the south american tribes were better than africans as they built huge pyramids and towns. how is it that you say everyone came from africa but yet they have no historical achevments and yet to have any

makatak4221d ago

Have you ever heard of the African civilization? nation of Kush? where the oldest iron-ore mine was discovered?, calenders?, solar system?, first civilization to grow crops and domesticate animals? and for the record the pyramids in south america and no where the size of the pyramids in Africa.... and for geographical purposes.. Egypt is part of AFRICA

power of Green 4221d ago

Nubia, Ancient Kemet ancient are wonders. I'll tell you why castles and other things that sparked innovations in Europe, its because it was all cramped up is a small area with tribes and villages fighting all the time trying to figure out ways to out do each other. I'm Sure Egypt would have castles or or huge walls if some war mongoring tribes were all cramped up with them breathing down thier necks 24-7.

Chris_GTR14221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

was it? either way the whole point was if everyone came from africa then why is every other country/continent besides africa like 10 times more advanced. if that were true then africa would be more like europe instead of like .. africa. and they honestly do still live in huts.

Maddens Raiders4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Man, really need to take some advanced history lessons or just a refresher course of some sort to start.

-- "even the south american tribes were better than africans as they built huge pyramids and towns. how is it that you say everyone came from africa but yet they have no historical achevments and yet to have any..." --

You really need to get out, ask more questions and read. Last time I checked Egypt was in Africa. There might've even been some pyramids there (sarcasm) uhhmm..maybe the first pyramids. I'd even be willing to sacrifice my first born and go out on a limb here (sarcasm) to say their might be Africans in That's like saying there are no Asians in Russian on the Asian continent....wat? c'mon. Please get educated sir, it's the only way we'll all survive together. History is not all what you see & hear today and have been told by the people that have their own interpretation. Learn the truth. As far as everyone in Africa living in huts: That's so over-generalized and racist itself, that it doesn't even deserve a response.

/Preaching off.


SlippyMadFrog4220d ago

Google Cape Town, my place of residence, and tell me if you can spot a hut.

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G_CodeMonkey4221d ago

As nauseating as it is (I'd be avoiding their gamer tag), freedom of speech implies ideas may get presented you don't agree with. Without that freedom, someone ultimately becomes the one who decides what is right for all. The community is strong enough to criticize ideas--and I limit my kids exposure to XBL just for such idiots. That said, M$ has the right to dictate/enforce policy. gCM

iballa4221d ago

Ship Nippers where? Most kids live with their parents and do not need shipping back as there is not an ocean dividing them from their homes. Most nippers could get a cab or a bus back home.

Xeoset4221d ago

I F'ing lol'd!

Seriously, while it is freedom of speech and it is also a problem, how could you even take the driver seriously?

He's a racist, we're gamers, there's a large difference between the two and while all these [email protected] are arguing of which console is better and making comments over rubbish or are genuinly messing our online play, we can only hold our heads up and realise "We're not [email protected]".

It's good to be a gamer, a dying breed.

wii on your face4220d ago

You're talking about gamers not being racist, but in the same post use the word [email protected] Nice. That's just as bad, bigot.

OoOLeafsOoO4221d ago

this is actually quite funny XD

Odion4221d ago

actually this would be considered hate speech and it is illegal to spread hate speech

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