Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo Gameplay

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"Experience the highly-anticipated stealth action blockbuster critics have been raving about. Enter the treacherous world of rogue agent Sam Fisher and witness an unparalleled level of action. "

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Blaze9295236d ago

fully agree. pre-order locked in a ready to go. cant wait

beans5236d ago

I was a little concerned after reading a few opinions yesterday but after trying it was shocked to find out how good it was. Didn't care much for the action music but gameplay and visuals were top notch.

Blaze9295236d ago

yeah hard to believe its on Unreal Engine 2.5

Bnet3435236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

Way too short. It was good though. A lot more action in this one, but I like it overall, I just hope the game has longevity.

@Greywolf I think he means the game looks very good for a UE 2.5 game. It's actually using a modified engine of UE 2.5. Here is what Ubisoft said:


Ubisoft: We're using our own engine, LEAD, which is an evolution from the engine used in SCCT.


Deniable Ops is the MP. It's you and a spy going head to head killing the AI. Think of it as who gets the most kills out of the two, etc.

beans5236d ago

I'm still a little confused about the multiplayer. Can anyone tell me why there's a multiplayer option? I was under the impression deniable opts was co-op only?

5236d ago
right and wrong5236d ago

What do you consider a flop? I honestly don't see any game on PS3 (other than maybe GT5) selling more than conviction. Also for a 2.5 game I gotta admit it looks really good.

Bigpappy5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

This was definitely the case in my experience. The first play through, I let the game lead me through the basement area and I had the setting on the middle option. This time around, I set the difficulty on realistic and went around to the back of the building. I had a lot more fun with it this time. I did more climbing and used only the pistol. I felt my skills coming back and I was not so concerned with how weak the AI was. I just had a bawl with it. I sill which I could hide bodies. But I am happy with the gameplay overall.

Biggest5236d ago

Are you guys being serious about how it looks and plays? The videos need to be removed for people to believe that. It looks plain goofy. And it is very easy to believe that it was done with the Unreal engine. I am having a hard time seeing what is good.

Bathyj5236d ago

It was a day 1 for me. Bastard XB died again and now I have to cancel my preorder. Its not fair dammit, 2 years with virtually no games and now SC and Perfect Dark within a month and my machine dies. FKeR !

right and wrong5236d ago

Unfortunately life isn't always fair and things break from time to time. Rather than complaining on a site like this your best bet would be to take it over to MS. You should be fine for a few weeks without it or simply do the towel trick for as long as it works.

HighDefinition5236d ago

But.... it took a few trys to get the controls, being alot different than the other SCs. It also would have been nice to get the level they`ve been showing w/ the windows. The spot and mark is amazing and once you get them controls you can tell this game is gonna be a gem. Just another game I`ll be buying this year.

snesfangirl5236d ago

im sure when the ps3 version gets announced, you and all your sony fanboy cronies in here that are disagreeing with people for no reason will change their tune. then all the sudden all the comments from the peanut gallery (sony fanboys) will be "allright! can't wait to play this game! " xbots hahahahahahaha you lost another "exclusive"!!!!

and all the comments about "ill get it on teh pc" will magically disappear. sony fanboys, the kings of hypocrisy, rinse and repeat. besides grey i doubt you and or bathyj actually PLAYED the demo......

because hell bathyj is nothing but a ps3 fanboy too. his xbox didn't break, he doesn't own one!

anyways this demo was fun. the game looked just fine, and the game play was what i really liked. you can play this game stealthily, or more action oriented. depends on how things go in the next month whether or not i can buy it day one, had an injury march 8th.

anyways, this game and alan wake will be more than enough to keep xbox gamers busy til e3.

Varodor5235d ago

talk in the begining...overvelming with pathos, make my jast facepalm
and sound when perform silent kill is f**kup

JonnyBadfinger5235d ago

Demo felt short too me... well compared to the Just Cause2 demo it was. but still really enjoyed it. Its the first splinter cell game ive played so, yeah if people say its bad they're just idiots... cause as someone with a fresh approach on the franchise its kick arse. feels like its the Jason Bourne Trilogy.

But yeah only complaint is the demo was a little short... only took me about 15mins on normal difficulty. and thats with reading the tutorial and learning the controls. And the button layout seems a bit cluttered. I mean with most controls why cant all developers follow the same code like:
RT= Shoot
LT= Aim or if not that click RS
X= reload
Y= Switch weapon
B= Melee
A= action/jump

I reckon some devs deliberately go against this layout to just f*** people up. But now i just nit picking so, ill stop. But still it just hit my 'Day One' must buy list.

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ProA0075236d ago

demo was nice. cant figure out how to aim down without being in cover though. Anyone?

Blaze9295236d ago

Yeah me too. I'm not sure if you can so if you can't, I hope this demo is an old build, the E3 one because that will be disappointing to not have in the final game.

AridSpider5236d ago

I think it was RS click down i think. Its to zoom but not sure if you can with a gun

right and wrong5236d ago

Fantastic Demo!!! And yes You can aim down. Not really sure how though.:(

Bnet3435236d ago

To aim down you right click. It's basically just zooms in.

Bigpappy5236d ago

I like the pistol best, for accurate stealth shooting. Do not pickup every weapon. Use an M$ for distance kills and the shoot gun for run and gun. Just play around in the demo and see what works best for you. You really do have a lot of options, if you get creative.

JonnyBadfinger5235d ago

yeah its click RS, though im not sure it works while on the move. think you gotta be standing still, which is a pain when the enemy are closing in on you

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JasonXE5236d ago

demo was pretty good. I'm interested. Nice video

clarkjudo5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

AridSpider and Blaze929 - There is no suit. So, no high tech light meter. This is a good option, you know when your hidden. Better than taking your eyes off the action to keeping an eye on a meter. And it helps keep up with the speed of the game elements.

Gradient5236d ago

Demo was terrible, what the f**k happened to Splinter Cell I ask.