Rumour: 'Top Secret' DS Sequel To Be Revealed?

The latest issue of NGamer magazine has teased next month with the promise of a "first look at the top-secret sequel to one of the best games on DS".

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qface644635d ago

i am liking the way that sounds

i just don't trust anything on april though

Endless_X4635d ago

It wouldn't have sense to tease an April Fool joke.

mjolliffe4634d ago

Scribblenauts 2? Remember, the magazine would have been published long before it was officially announced :)

Just a guess though...

FFK1244635d ago

The World Ends With You.........again? :)

lightningsax4634d ago

I wish!

Is it just me, or does it really feel like I'm playing Retro Game Challenge when reading that little magazine teaser? Actually, an English version of Game Center CX 2 would be a sequel to one of the best games on DS, but that's probably not it.

...and let's hope it's not Chinatown Wars 2. Not that it's a bad game, but I'm not interested at all.

Cajun Chicken4635d ago

New Super Mario Bros 2...except this time the series will be rebranded as 'New Super Mario Bros DS 2'.

matey4635d ago

mario kart 2 or 3d gta ds

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The story is too old to be commented.