There is no Diablo Drought

This term - Diablo Drought - was used for the first time back in late 2008, some months after the WWI 2008 announcements and the all the subsequent BlizzCon-related Diablo news had died out a bit. It has since been used time and again to complain over lack of new information about our favourite game. But is that really a fair assessment of how Blizzard have engaged with the community?

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kalos4280d ago

Seems a bit of a dry spot to me. Sorry about that...

Cogo4280d ago


You just had to :)

Cogo4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

Well, fans get properly upset about these things. I understand it's hard for Blizzard.

Still, just a monthly piece of concept art would be wonderful!

Sorry for double post. this was supposed to be a reply to Medievaldragon.

xLordOblivionx4280d ago

New D2 Patch releasing in like 4 days! There's no drought =P

Medievaldragon4280d ago

There should be more content and info in the website.

Leord4280d ago

They could still have done more. I mean the whole twitter thing is more of a nuisance than actual contact.

Cogo4280d ago

I'm not a fan of twitter either, but I kind of have to use it.

Dorjan4280d ago

I still don't see much news but I think SCII is on everyones radar atm anyway!

Leord4280d ago

They are probably even deliberately holding back so that SC2 gets the hype it needs.

Bandreus4280d ago

Sure, SC2 definitelly needs the spotlight more than D3 right now

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