PES 2008 - New Screens

Check out the new screenshots of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

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boi4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

damn im waiting for this :D lol sum1s quick with this news...i just saw it up on psu lol

Antan4310d ago

Grass looks particularly nice.

redmamoth4310d ago

I hope we see this at the E3... Is it just me, or does the second one, with the pause menu, look suspiciously fake...??? I just can't put my finger on it but it just doesn't look real.... Time will tell i guess...

ReconHope4310d ago

i dont see y soccer is popular. lol sorry.

Kees4310d ago

first of all it's football, not soccer. And soccer is great, like 100x better than boring american football...with all the stupid breaks

jromao4310d ago

Technicaly all versions will be "equal" but PS3 version will have more content and more "tunning", the screen in 16:9 for "wide" camera is great and we can get more field visiblitiy for some actions, very nice. Pro Evo Soccer is always a PlayStation game despite the fact it moved to other consoles, we can't wait for PS3 demo asap.

CG4310d ago

If theres any differences it will most likely be the ps3 version running @30fps while the 360 is at 60fps lol thats how it is with all the other sports games so it wouldnt suprise me if it happened with this game aswell. oh and if there is a demo you knows its going to be on LIVE way before its on the PSN.
keep dreaming about your more "content" and "tunning"
[email protected] because it aint gona hapen.

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