Webzen's Ended Saga

Looks like the PS3 has lost its first announced MMO. Earlier today, PlayStation 3 fansite PS3 Land revealed that the Webzen-developed Endless Saga, a persistent online role-playing game, has been cancelled.

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omansteveo5410d ago

dum dum dum another one bites the dust...hey webzen thanks for Huxley though

pRo loGic II5410d ago

I thought this game was just for PS3?, i also though this game would help justify the $600 purchase.

LAWMAN5410d ago

Sony is needing some good news right about now. Although it's probably a good thing to cancel the project altogether than attempting a half-hearted effort to develop it.

achira5409d ago

this game is not only for ps3 cancelled, but for the pc too, so thats not sony fault.

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