God Of War 3 sells 450,000 units on day 1 in the americas.

Preliminary data is in and God of War III looks to outperform its predecessor by 20-30% in the Americas


VG Chartz has just adjusted the sales to 550,000 units !!!!!!!

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Pennywise3836d ago

Lets wait for real numbers.

TOO PAWNED3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

From whom? From VGchartz? LOL WHEN they tell us who or what is their source, then i will pay attention, until then, this is like listening to Pachter. Just speculation. I'll wait for NPDs, thx

Braineater24483836d ago

@TOO PAWNED Just out of curiosity, do you know what sources NPD uses specifically?

bmw693836d ago

"lets wait"? Until what?

Whether the actual day one numbers are 400,000 or 500,000 (there is a margin of error obviously since they are preliminary) does it really matter? The game is a hit.

Lifendz3836d ago

End of the semester and there's so much work I should be doing but I can't go another day w/o playing this one. NPDs should be interesting.

mint royale3836d ago

VgChartz get their numbers from various stores and based on these results estimate the total sales. In other words they do exactly what NPD does just with less hard numbers. As a result there is a greater margin of error. Its on the site.

These numbers will be relatively close ballpark numbers.

bacon133836d ago

Love this game, glad it is being enjoyed by so many gamers out there. It also means Aphrodite got A LOT of sex this past week.

boodybandit3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

that is the ONLY number that matters to me!
KRATOS I am coming my master!
There will be CHAOS at Boody's house today!

I'm such a dork I am cleaning up my gameroom as I am typing this just to prepare for his Epicness!

WildArmed3836d ago

Picked up the game yesterday night.
I must say..
the game exceed all my expectations.
I've played the GOW3 E3 demo over 40 times, but when that part came, it seemed totally fresh.
I can't believe how far out then went to create a demo for it!

On Ch. 6 atm.. 4 more to go (including 6.. i'm just at the beginign!)

Rumor3836d ago

i was apart of those 450,000 day 1 sells :D

Saigon3836d ago

they report the same numbers for pre-orders...this is fail...

sikbeta3836d ago

GOD OF WAR 3 is simply AMAZING, this Game needs to Sell millions, no cuz of "da salez", just because More People MUST Enjoy it...

Blaze9293836d ago

oh so now VG Chartz is not reliable again? omg

DaTruth3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

You questioned VGChartz! This will inevitably result in Braineater and BMW69 riding your @$$! Vice and Prez of the VGCDF or the same dude with two accounts!

VGChartz are the only articles you see these guys in!

Please stop, you're obviously the site owners so you're biased on a whole other level! Companies pay for NPD sales results because it is legitimate, they do not survive by hits and N4G!

Montrealien3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

This game deserves it, its truly epic and shows off why the PS3 is the most powerfull console this gen.

and lol at the VG chartz hate, you guys are so cliché and predictable. Give it a rest and go create your own Sales Chart site if you guys hate them so much.

EvilBlackCat3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I like the game so far so i dont give a damn fnck if other 449,000 clients bought this game.

Instead of paying attention of how many units a game sell why not pay attention to your opinion about the game? Is your opinion influenced by others? You be the judge of the games you play instead of coming here to n4g and other places to believe all the hype they put in their comments.

THE GAME IS NOT A PURE 10 in my opinion but if i believe what some biased gamers here say...

Ninja Gaiden in my opinion is more challenging than this.

Christopher3836d ago

I always wonder why PS3 owners are less reluctant to buy exclusive games the way 360 fans are. Especially the big titles like God of War 3 and Uncharted 2. I would have expected an easy 1 million for both just in the U.S. for the first week, but it just never gets there, or in the case of GoW will likely barely get there.

ukilnme3836d ago

@ cgoodno

Be patient. PS3 games have legs. That's what I read on N4G anyway.

evrfighter3836d ago

lol the same people praising ps3 sales numbers based on vgcharts numbers are now calling them unreliable.

epic facepalm

DOMination3836d ago

Pretty poor figures but then only 4 million bought the previous games and that was with a 120 million user base. I predict 2 million lifetime sales for this, what a disaster.

eagle213836d ago

we already knew this game was going to be a huge hit. :)

sparta763836d ago

Wow!! How I hate the fandoys!

What's the problem with 450,000 sold? First day!
Mass effect 2 sold 572,000 in 6 days!!
And xbox has sold more consoles in the us,
then the Ps3!!

So what's the problem?

Ps. Idiots took my damn bubbles!!!

beardpapa3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

The only thing I don't like about God of War 3 is the Bare Hands challenge. So utterly frustrating. The other challenges were easy peasy though.

But hey... 450k on day 1 isn't that bad for a ps3 game. From what I gather this generation, PS3 games sell big numbers over the long term. It's probably because there's a lot of variety for PS3 owners to pick from.

Thinking about it as a PS3 owner, from January to March this year we've had several multiplat games and exclusive ones to decide from. MAG, White Knight, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy, Dante's, GoW3, Bayonetta, SO4, Yakuza, Resonance of Fate, Bad Company, and many others. That's a lot of variety in games in just three months time.

And if you're primarily into blu-rays, there were Astro Boy, Princess Frog, Star Trek, Evangelion, Halo Legends, Zombieland, Bourne trilogy, and much much more. Taking that into consideration, if you're a gamer and enjoy your blu-rays, you're probably putting a lot of $ into these variety of games and movies over the lifetime of your ps3.

Putting it into a general perspective, I would assume not all ps3 owners bunch up on day one to purchase one single game. They've got money in their wallets but they also got variety. GoW3 may not be day one for some folks, but may end up on their shelf down the line, and it applies to the many other games and blu-rays available.

-Alpha3836d ago

I was never sure if God of War 3 would outsell previous GoW titles looking at how much smaller the PS3 fanbase is compared to the PS2 fanbase. Very impressed and happy to see this game doing so well. Who ever said Sony fans don't buy games?

Christopher3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Look, you live under your bridge or wherever it is you decide to hide yourself away, but the facts don't lie. Microsoft's exclusives, on average, sell much better than PS3 exclusives, even over the long run.

In fact, Sony puts out almost twice as many exclusive titles on the PS3, meaning more money spent on producing games, and barely equals up to the number of exclusive titles sold on the 360.

There is of course something to be said for the large FPS audience on the Xbox 360, but that's not a good enough excuse to prove the point when you have other titles like Mass Effect, Fable, and Forza performing above average as well. There's obviously an issue with attach rate on the PS3 when it comes to titles and keeping up the facade that Sony titles have legs isn't going to stop 360 titles from selling better. What is going to be said when the next Halo, Mass Effect, Fable, and Gears of War titles are released? Do PS3 titles still have good enough legs when Microsoft is making millions in a month on these titles? Or, is Sony throwing away more money than necessary in the end?

I say this as a person who owns both but buys only for his PS3. But, you can't look at the tremendous sales of 360 titles overall and think that PS3's excuse of selling over time is really holding up as a real argument anymore.

I'm very happy to see the potential for GoW3 sales, but it can't stop there if Sony is to truly have any chance of overtaking Microsoft in the world market, let alone in North America and the UK.

DaTruth3835d ago

Look how many people bought the collection because they missed out on 1 and 2. Gow 2 + collection = GoW3 lifetime sales!

Was really surprising how many people missed GOW series on this site alone!

beardpapa3835d ago


Well I didn't disagree with you and I just read your comments anyway. I think part of the big reason why MS exclusives sell really well is because of the marketing. Now marketing includes many different things such as cover art, packaging, bonuses, radio, tv, magazine, billboards. Microsoft has an excellent team over at marketing and it's something they excel very well in. Sony for the most part has always been in engineering and electronics. That's something Sony is good at and have been doing for many years. We can't really expect them to suddenly have a superb marketing team in their disposal overnight.

You brought up several games and one in particular, Mass Effect, piqued my interest. From what I recall the first game did very well though not big in numbers (or day-one numbers to be exact). I reserved that game because I was a big Bioware fan. One complaint I had about the game was the gameplay. It wasn't intuitive and definitely not similar to my beloved Baldur's Gate nor was it anything like Kotor. Now look at Mass Effect 2. Look at the cover art. Compare it to ME1. Compare the style of ME2 gameplay, characters, storyline, and marketing.

ME2 looked like a beefed up, epic, badass, guns-blazing upgrade to ME1. Look at the cover of ME2. It has guns on it. Look at the cover of ME1. It looks obscure. Look at the tv advert to ME2 and you'll see Shepherd busting out a missle launcher while Thane works his biotics and Grunt appears oblivious to gun fire. It definitely looks much more interesting than ME1's tv advert. And for those unaware of ME1, they would immediately assume ME2 is an fps or action game. Actually, it's not much like an RPG anymore and its gameplay feels like an FPS but not quite. Still, despite ME2 deviating from its genre, I still loved it very much.

But going back to point, MS has an exceptional marketing team. They can sell games. Sony? Slurpee cups don't tell me much of what that man in the cup is, especially when Kratos isn't an iconic figure or console mascot to the average Jane or Joe. Master Chief on a Slurpee cup on the other hand, it doesn't take a gamer to know he's an iconic figure related to Xbox and video games.

postofficebuddy3835d ago

Reread the article guys. More preliminary data has come in. It's looking more like 550k now.

Pennywise3835d ago

You people are so quick to call me a fanboy..

5hours later, its up 100k. Its like you all forgot what preliminary means.

So like I said, lets wait... Feels good to be right so much :P

likedamaster3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

"Be patient. PS3 games have legs. That's what I read on N4G anyway."


Yeah, we shouldn't take VGchartz numbers seriously.

Edit: @Sparta76

The thing is I'm still playing Mass Effect 2.

arny3835d ago

is a great game but im gonna wait till real numbers not just some made up crap

kevnb3835d ago

I think its the biggest first day sales for the franchise.

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Quagland3836d ago

"total worldwide sales for the week should be around one million copies - more than other recent PS3 blockbusters like Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, MAG and Final Fantasy XIII"

Wow o_0 Should easily cross 4 million sold LTD.

TOO PAWNED3836d ago

I don't know about that. GOW is very very front loaded sales type of game. Although i hope it sell even more then 5 million.

Quagland3836d ago

I think it will; PS3 exclusives always have good legs. Uncharted 2 had a weaker opening than GOW III and that's past 3.5 million.

bmw693836d ago

Uncharted 2 also came out right before the holidays which obviously makes a huge difference...

N4BmpS3836d ago

I'm thinking either it will pass 5 million or it will sell around 4.8 million either way it's going to blow past it's predecessors. I'm thinking heavy word of mouth is going to pick up on this one. I believe these numbers are pretty much valid.

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himdeel3836d ago sales for me are a moot point now :)

Michael-Jackson3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Lets wait for real numbers.

It has been updated to 555,000 on VGChartz you xbotz.


This is too funny!!

Ps3 fangirls always say sells dont matter and now their all hyped up about their crap selling game!!! 550,000 copies, please!

"Call Halo 3 ODST DLC, that it got low review scores, and judge its graphics all you guys want, but it still managed to sell 2 million copies day one."

No PS3 exclusive has ever done that.

And trust me, sales matter, so stop with that BS saying they dont!
It matters to developers, because its more money to them, which motivates them to make their game even better next time around!

lh_swe3835d ago

But sales have never assured a game of being "the best". In fact Mass Effect 2 has only sold around 1.5-.7 million, extremely undeserving numbers for a game that great so while I agree that sales matter they don't to the extent you are insinuating.

But then again the ONLY reason you sa this is not because you don't like GoW nor the PS3 for that matter is the fact that you won't let yourself like them but the question I interest myself in is why?

I mean I hate the disc scratching on my 360 but I don't hate the 360 infact I love that console because much like my PS3 it has great games and to me that makes up 95% of the purpose of all consoles, the rest is extra but hardly defines the experience, If you like shooters and think any other game type is a sissy title maybe the 360 is for you but if not then why hate?

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bjornbear3836d ago possible 2 mil week one world wide?

just guessing...that would be insane for a PS3 exclusive...they sell well but this is a new record =O