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Godmars2904639d ago

Meh, I'll pass. Looks exactly as exciting as the first.

nogolis4639d ago

Got that right... If they'd have brought the cam in closer, maybe... Just maybe would I consider it. But, in all honesty, PJM and PJS are really the only 2 games Q-games has made that were worth buying. I even say Shooter is stretching it.

More Monster, less everything else Q-games. What about that RPG you're working on for your 2nd set of PSN games? That thing looks sharp.

kanedaakira4639d ago

Pixel need more Monsters / more Eden. Racers was mediocre - held no interest for me whatsoever but Monsters was the most addictive game I've played for a long time. You think MGS4 was a long game? I must have put 50+ hours into the Monsters series!