Godmars2905098d ago

Meh, I'll pass. Looks exactly as exciting as the first.

nogolis5098d ago

Got that right... If they'd have brought the cam in closer, maybe... Just maybe would I consider it. But, in all honesty, PJM and PJS are really the only 2 games Q-games has made that were worth buying. I even say Shooter is stretching it.

More Monster, less everything else Q-games. What about that RPG you're working on for your 2nd set of PSN games? That thing looks sharp.

kanedaakira5097d ago

Pixel need more Monsters / more Eden. Racers was mediocre - held no interest for me whatsoever but Monsters was the most addictive game I've played for a long time. You think MGS4 was a long game? I must have put 50+ hours into the Monsters series!


Multitap | Player 5: Games to play with large groups

Planning to have friends over and play some games? Good for you. There are lots of great options, as readers of this column know, and you can jump in wherever you’d like.

You know, until that fifth person walks in the door.

It’s a thing that can cause a train wreck in the head of any gracious gaming host. All those games you planned to play? Either you’ll have an awkward person just sitting around and watching, or you’ll have to split up, which isn’t the best option. But while your options may be limited, they’re not gone: there are some great games that support five or more players.

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Huge PixelJunk Sale On Japanese PSN

Almost all the PixelJunk games are on sale for roughly $1 on Japanese PSN.

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schlanz4792d ago

Can't wait for Shooter 2.

PixelJunk rules.

LiL T4792d ago

Love Pixel junk games. Great fun and good music that just fits the games properly. I go Eden/encore, Monsters/deluxe/encore and I just picked up Shooter (gotta stop shooting workers LOL). I tried PJ Racer but wasn't for me. I highly recomend these games especially if you got kids/cousins/nefew/neices.

GodsHand4792d ago

Yeah, gotta love the music for these games. I myself did not really care for Racers either, but I still picked it up to support the team at continuing making great games.

DORMIN4792d ago

Absolutely LOVE PixelJunk games. I hope their games sell tons and they continue to do what they love!