Watch E3 07 Live From G4TV On Your Television

Here is the schedule for G4TV's E3 07 Live Coverage that you can watch in your living room on your television! Check with your local cable or satellite provider for the channel number. For those with Directv it is channel 354. It is 17 hours of live coverage over 4 days so for those without a Tivo this would be a great time to invest in one!

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TheExecutive4313d ago

what is the best medium to go through to watch e3? Internet or tv? What is a good internet site to check out? (Bubbles for the help!)

Lord Anubis4313d ago

this would be the best site to keep an Eye on E3. Although an E3 temporary channels must be added. Its obvious contributors will submit the news as they happen, and those reports will come straight to this site but like I said an E3 temporary channel must be added.
You can keep your bubbles. I don't need them.

sparco4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

The best way to watch it is probably the TV thingy with Tivo. But if you havn't got Tivo or just cba to use it, then the internet and is second best is what ill be using :) Now give me bubbles :P hehe
But if you wanna go 1 better, go with Gamespot. I paid last year so that i could get the best qulity. Was pretty cheap actually :) Dunno if you have to pay this year though.

drtysouf214313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

ways to get coverage. I watched last years and it was very informative. Also Gamespot and IGN are pretty good. N4G will be the best for internet coverage because it'll probably have the most info since people will be submitting all the info here.

@Below me! Thanks for your opinions. I agree with what you both say to some extent but they have gotten alot better recently. Trust me PS3 is my favorite of all 3 so if it was as bad as it used to be i wouldn't expose my self to that negativity.

Jamaicangmr4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Am sorry but i'll have to disagree, i also watched the E3 06 coverage on G4tv and i gotta say i got better coverage from Gamespot. G4tv has too much distractions with their lame lil skits an stuff that distract us from the business at hand. It seems like ever half an hour theirs a skit with some retard tryin to be humourious. What does this have to do with the games. That an G4tv doesn't really give smaller games a chance. Then there are the biased pat on the shoulders they give to developers. Only to dog them the following week on Xplay. It's just not my choice for E3 covarage.

Violater4313d ago

If i feel like hearing bashing and sarcastic comments about the PS3 I will watch G4tv

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