First Rock Band Gameplay Video

First Rock Band gameplay movie from Gamespot.

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MK_Red4312d ago

I dont know about you but this game looks freaking sweet.

FFVIIFan4312d ago

But it is so damn similar to Guitar Hero, wont there end up being some legal battle?

MK_Red4312d ago

Good point. The mechanism looks so much like Guitar Hero but I think the original GH engine belongs ot this team so they can use it.

ChickeyCantor4312d ago

i dont know much about it but wasnt this made by some people of GH?

FreeMonk4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

This game looks very very sweet indeed, but I was wondering why the developers were using the old wired Guitar supplied with GH2 on the X360 instead of using the new wireless controller they are selling the game with.

The new drums are there, and the new microphone is there, so why not the new guitar?? Unless they want to keep those new high keys a little bit of a secret??

Either way, I can't wait. If they supply original recordings instead of covers, I'll be happy. (I want Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden!!)

Just imagine how much fun it'll be with 4 friends playing this game?? Although all my friends (with me included) can sing for sh*t, so the Microphone might be left on the store shelf!!

As for the likeness of Rock Band to Guitar Hero, of course it's going to be similar, GH was made by Harmonix, although Red Octane and Activision do own the rights to the GH name, I don't think they own the engine.

I'm guessing they can use the same style without legal issues. If not, I want to know why Nintendo hasn't sued everyone whoever made a 3D Platformer like Mario 64!!

Adamalicious4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

@freemonnk - you are correct. Activision now owns GH, but Harmonix still owns the engine.

I'm guessing that the 360 controller isn't ready for prime time yet, but it's cool that they are showing that you can use it (like they said you could) if you already have GH2 for the 360.

There's no legal issue here - Neversoft is having to completely rewrite the GH engine for GH3. In a way Rockband is the real next version of Guitar Hero - to me anyway - Red Octane had a cool idea and made a cool peripheral with GH, but it never would have worked at all, let alone be the huge success that it is without Harmonix's amazing software.

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biomajor094312d ago

Yes harmonix (the people that made GH 1 and 2) were bought and are now making rock band (which looks awesome)and now a new company is making guitar hero 3

MK_Red4312d ago

The true Rock Band experience and fun can be had only with full set and thats just too expensive, but I cant resist... must... buy.

EggFiary4312d ago

I cant resist also so i must buy it this. Rock Band might dig a grave for guiat heros 3

Adamalicious4312d ago

Hopefully Activision and EA will get with the synergy and make sure controllers are compatible etc. I'm definitely getting Rockband with all the controllers - I want GH3 as well, but if I have to buy more controllers... I'll have to think about it (I already spent a lot on GH and GH2!). I also hope that the mic works for Singstar and the like as well as I'll be more likely to get into that if I don't have to buy more hardware. Please devs, don't miss this opportunity to sell me more games ! :)

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