CultureGET Preview: Battle Territory Battery: A Cheesy MW2?

CultureGET writes: "In the gaming industry, there are a few titles that stick out as the key influences in games that follow. Unarguably, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare took the FPS genre to a new blockbuster level and, since then, games have borrowed and manipulated the formula to try and make the next best thing.

When Infinity Ward and Activision released Modern Warfare 2, some gamers touted the sequel as "the greatest game ever," while jaded cynics (such as myself) had more fun with the glitches (and the players) more so than the game itself. After a few weeks passed, people with a similar mindset to my own placed the game on the shelf and began looking for something new.

It turns out that my cries were heard by Korean game makers Webzen and NHN. With great pleasure, I introduce you to their latest offering: Battle Territory Battery!"

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