Mytheon: an illustrated bestiary

Like most action RPGs, Mytheon is filled to the gills with all manner of slavering beasties and mythological warriors looking to get their smack-down on. Drawing from ancient Greek mythology as well as its own unique brand of folklore, the game will provide a menagerie of monsters, demons and demi-gods with which to test your mettle. Here is a cross-section of the foes that will be crossing your path...

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Pen Pooh3770d ago

"Spiders are part of the arachnid family, which includes scorpions, crabs, great albatrosses and fluke worms [citation needed]."


treylathikes3770d ago

Anyone else read that headline as 'illustrated beastiality'?

'tis been a long day!

YoungKingDoran3770d ago

haha i was gunna make the exact same comment but figured people would think i was a weirdo... you're a braver man than i

GrrrlGamerX3770d ago

Ewwww. You guys are gross. lol