Is Final Fantasy XIII Causing YLOD?

Numerous reports have been hitting internet forums, twitter, and other social networks, that Playstation 3 gamers have been getting the Yellow Light of Death after playing Final Fantasy XIII on the Playstation 3. The first reports started cropping up a few days ago, and recently more users have been saying they had the problem. These incidents seem to be isolated although we found others complaining about recently getting the YLOD but were unsure if FFXIII was the cause or not. The reports below are the actual screengrabs of the complaints.

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Cmen5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )

Guess its the "superior graphics" the ps3 version has lol and guess they fixed the RROD

Edit: Fake??? why would so many people complain if it was fake?

5101d ago
Sony Always Wins5101d ago

However, I heard it was causing RROD like 33% of he xboxs get

Young Capwn5101d ago

This game isn't crashing anything but my mind from the boringness... especially after playing GOW3...

HolyOrangeCows5101d ago

Man, all of these crappy sites like Kotaku and this are doing some damage control.

Question Mark Journalism FTL.

Bot Smasha5101d ago

This is fake its obvious i can imagine rrod tho.

HolyOrangeCows5101d ago

ZOMG! A Guy on Twitter and Yahoo answers said their PS3s broke while playing FF13! What a solid case for the belief that it is causing the YLOD; an ENTIRE two people on the internet!!

Bathyj5101d ago

I resent the phrase "YLoD"

"(Insert colour) Light of Death" is an Xbox exclusive.

Its an offshoot of the M$ exclusive "(Insert Colour) Screen of Death."

AAACE55101d ago

They were probably just really old Ps3's that finally got worn out!Happens to all systems with movable parts.

@Cmen... I had a feeling I would see a comment like that! With all the hat from either side, I knew it was bound to show up when I read the title.

boodybandit5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )

Just more negative nonsense to entice hits.
I have been gaming like a madman on my PS3 the past several weeks. Anyone that has me on their friends list will tell you. I got platinum on 3 games (Uncharted 2, Dante's Inferno and Ratchet and Clank), almost got platinum on Darksiders, and NFS Shift and I have been playing BFBC2 like crazy since it launched. I must have logged roughly 250 hours in that short amount of time on my original 60g fatty and have never had one issue with it.

This is pure crap. Hardware failures happen when they happen for no rhyme or reason. They just happen. Most of this is probably false reports just to discredit the opposition of the people claiming this is an issue. I'm sure a couple or maybe few people had issues but not worth writing articles over.

DMason5101d ago

Of course FF is going to be blamed, its what everyone is playing. Its like when people were complaining that CODMW2 gave them problems.

But in all honesty, my PS3 died a week ago. It was a 40gb fat model. Maybe earlier models are starting to develop problems.

Reflow the cpu and gpu, and youre good to go for a couple months at least.

GrandTheftZamboni5101d ago

When I was playing FFXIII on my PS3, it started raining in my area. I don't know if it was caused by the game, but it happened at the same time.

DMason5101d ago

I lol'ed a bit there. That's exactly what it is, coincidence.

BISHOP-BRASIL5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )

I won't say those guys are lying. I still have a perfect working copy of GOW Collection that won't run on my all other games wise perfect working launch 60GB PS3 and don't matter how much I say it's true and it's happening to one of my PSN friends too, people only call me a liar...

The best of help I could find was lowering the PS3 working resolution to 720p, that got me past the 1st GOW boss but it still freeze in athens EVERY TIME. GOW 2 looks ok (but I didn't tried much, no point playing 2 before 1).

Back on topic, I have friends playing the JP version of FFXIII and heard no complains so far. So I'm not aware of the problem neigher do I have a solution... Sorry.

PS: any help with GOW Collection would be appreciated. Have tested the copy in 3 other consoles and my own runs my other 30 games fine. PSN ID: Bishop-sp, friend's ID: PIZZALOGAN

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DaTruth5100d ago (Edited 5100d ago )

This game doesn't even stress my PS3 at all, just a quiet hum from the fan. When I dropped in GOW3, the fan sounded like a turbo jet!

I call Bullish or coincidence or butthurt gaming new fanboys!

@GTStreetcar: LMAO!!! Were you pushing weather control orbs in the game!

vhero5100d ago (Edited 5100d ago )

OMG first people say it causes crashing and now YLOD? 360 fanboys are REALLY jealous that PS3 got the superior version aren't they?? I know 3 people who traded in their 360 versions soon as they found out using the same old crappy excuses like the game was crap and never liked Final Fantasy anyways. Yet they had it pre-ordered since they heard about it.. It's comical but not unusual for 360 fans to stoop so low.. NO particular game can cause YLOD its a GENERAL hardware fault if any game could have done it I think Uncharted 2 would have done it a LONG time ago FOOLS.

MY YLOD on my first PS3 happened while playing the simpsons video game you think I should post all around the net saying that game causes YLOD?? I had 3 360s and 1 PS3 die on me so far since launch I do share my console with my son though so its on nearly all day.

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math5101d ago

There are people complaining about it on Twitter, Yahoo answers, Gamespot Forums, GameFaqs, Game Trailers, must be fake...

FanboyAttack5101d ago

This was trending on Twitter.

poe5101d ago

Someone had this on Yahoo answers.

wicko5101d ago

Sorry, but this has nothing to do with the game, and everything to do with playing for extended periods of time..

Myst5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )

*just looks at the title of the article and continues staring for what seems to be ages. Then takes a look at the name of the site and sighs*

Well first of all look at the second image, 60 GB. Now The Playstation 3 is considerably more reliable than the 360 that is a given, but the 60s seem to be fading out of existence for some. Whether or not this is caused due to Final Fantasy XIII can be up for debate, but I think it's more than likely just a coming of age type of deal for this one.

The first picture doesn't list the model they have before it went out, people really should post all the information. The model number is definitely needed in this one.

Edited for Grammar.

math5101d ago

Honestly, does it really matter what console is more reliable than others. That's not really the point here. The point is that some people are having problems with their system and some of them are finding a direct correlation between that and Final Fantasy XIII.

Myst5101d ago

It was used for the sake of argumentative purpose, though I could have done without it I suppose that I will admit. What is still missing though is information crucial information. Model number, how long they played, how long they have had it. I could certainly go search through Yahoo! Answers and various other places to find this, but why? This sort of stuff should be presented and the conclusion should be made from presented facts.

math5101d ago

I agree it would definitely be better to see a clear picture, but I don't think you actually will unless it starts affecting more people. That's when common denominators can then be found. If in fact that ends up happening.

Myst5101d ago

That is true, and something of this magnitude may not actually get a very clear picture. Then again how many people have actually been affected before this article was submitted? That's something I'm quite curious of now after discussing this with you.

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Strikepackage Bravo5101d ago

Actually the YLOD is far closer to criminal than RROD since Sony continues to lie about the number of units effected by YLOD. 3% is pure B.S.

The YLOD issue is way bigger than what anyone is admitting, and rather than speak up about how big the issue is so that Sony will be forced to acknowledge the design flaw and PAY for the repairs via a warranty extension, moronic PS3 fanboys simply hide the truth by covering for Sony and quietly paying the money to have their units repaired.

wicko5101d ago (Edited 5101d ago )

Right and you have numbers to backup this claim?

You haven't the slightest clue about how many YLODs there have been, and that makes your claim complete BS. Even if the amount claimed was only half the actual amount or a third or even a quarter, RROD was *far* more widespread, and the proof for that is Microsoft amending their warranty agreements (which cost them quite a bit of money). You don't do that if your console meets or is below expected failure rates.