PSBlog: Introducing PlayStation.Blog Share

Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

"Share is a subset of the PlayStation.Blog where readers can submit ideas to us about anything PlayStation-related as well as vote on the ideas of others. Many of you are already making suggestions to us, and we've always been listening (that's the whole idea of the Blog), but now these ideas have an official place to call home. You can find the entrance to Share right at the top of this page."

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Will-UK5007d ago (Edited 5007d ago )

This is a great idea I hope EU blog does something similar

Edit: Its on maintenance lol, so many ideas

callahan095007d ago

Holy crap this is AWESOME. I'm already addicted as hell to it, reading every suggestion, voting, writing comments about the stuff, I even submitted an idea (Theme Queue for PS3 XMB -- read my submission and vote on it, give me comments, I want to know if other people want this!).

I just hope Sony really pay attention and work on giving us what we want!

Will-UK5007d ago (Edited 5007d ago )

Some good ideas i hope sony follow up on them

Whats the link to your suggestion callahan09

Edit: dw ill search it

callahan095007d ago

It's still awaiting moderation for some reason. It should pass no problem, but for some reason it's still not up for people to vote on.

gaffyh5007d ago

Pretty much every single one has got hundreds of votes lol.

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eagles19905007d ago

Sony really cares about what we want :)

Philaroni5007d ago

It think this is a big sign of what is to come for the PS3. All Sony has been talking about is how important the PSN is going to be to them as a business, both at E3, GDC, and even at the last Cell World Conference. Some of the ideas I'm seeing are things you hardly hear about. Like NTSF support for external HDD's

Lucreto5007d ago (Edited 5007d ago )

If this was in Europe the site would break with anger.

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