Eurogamer: Grasshopper's Suda 51 Interview

Firstly, he's the head of Grasshopper Studios, and the creator of Killer 7 and the No More Heroes series. He's in town to promote No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, which scored 8/10 in Eurogamer's review of the US import.

Secondly, he's a very nice man. That's according to Eurogamer's Oli Welsh, who interviewed him at the Tokyo Game Show in 2008. He found Suda to be friendly, open and a bit of a laugh.

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The Best Hack and Slash Games of All Time on Xbox 360

It's game time!, or is it hacking and slashing time? Doesn't matter! Enjoy the best hack and slash games on the Xbox 360

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darthv7261d ago

....and that's a bad thing how?

343_Guilty_Spark61d ago

If it ain’t on Sony box it’s bad

autobotdan61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Ninja Gaiden 2 was never multiplat. NG Sigma 2 is a remixed game not the same game at all

darthv7261d ago

Dante's inferno... such a great GoW inspired game. So sad the sequel was canned, it sounded like it was going to be even more epic than the first.

Vits61d ago

Yeap, classic GoW is still better mechanically. But the aesthetics and atmosphere of Dante's Inferno were just top-notch. Shame it never got a PC port, but at the very least is available on modern Xbox.

Juiceid61d ago

This list is ok, but Ninja Gaiden reigns supreme!

GhostScholar61d ago

I just can’t get into the devil may cry series. In my opinion you never feel powerful in those games. The guns are pointless as they only serve to be a flashy part of a combo. DMC was the only one that I could tolerate long enough to beat.

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The Next No More Heroes Could Work Without Travis Touchdown

Half-Glass Gaming: "Travis Touchdown is awesome, and he’s a huge reason No More Heroes is so great. That said, series creator and director Suda51 said he would be open to making a spinoff starring fan-favorite Shinobu. And though the series’ fate isn’t entirely up to Suda [as he doesn't own the IP], a sans-Travis entry could definitely work."

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FallenAngel1984772d ago

NMH seems to revolve around Travis like DMC revolves around Dante, GoW revolves around Kratos, Ninja Gaiden revolves around Ryu, and Bayonetta revolves around well…

It wouldn’t feel right to have these kind of action games to not have their main character in the lead role or not present at all

TheSanchezDavid771d ago

I totally get the sentiment, and I agree to a certain degree that these character action games feel a certain type of special because they focus on a single character most of the time. That said, given NMH's lore and other rad characters like Shinobu and Bad Girl, I'd say that universe could definitely be explored from a different character's perspective and still be super badass.

FallenAngel1984771d ago

@ Crimson

Yakuza 7 plays dramatically different than the other Yakuza games. Judgment hardly even used any plot elements from the other Yakuza games.

@ Sanchez

Many of those other characters & themes revolve around Travis though. Suda even stated the unique setting of NMH is based on Travis. He as a character is too ingrained in the very essence of this series to ever be removed. Suda also stated Travis is his favorite character.

I could see other characters being made playable like in NMH2 and NMH TSA alongside Travis similar to how other playable characters along with Dante have been introduced since DMC1. However not featuring Travis at all doesn’t seem feasible.

In addition one must also consider that NMH as a series has niche sales as if is. Removing the most recognizable face of the franchise wouldn’t work well commercially.

TheSanchezDavid771d ago

Travis is definitely integral to NMH. I think if a spin-off were made where he's not the playable character, it would still work if he's an important NPC or a core part of the story.

Suda also said he'd be down to make a game where Shinobu is the main character, and she's super popular among the NMH fan base. So while the series is pretty niche, that niche audience has an appreciation for a lot of the characters (especially Shinobu).

So while I don't necessarily disagree with most of your points, I think in terms of a spin-off or a Shinobu-centric game, it could def work.


No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review (PC) - Hey Poor Player

If PC is your only platform for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, don't pass it up; if you have a Wii or a Switch, grab it there.

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