Resonance of Fate launch screens

To accommodate the release of Resonance of Fate in North America, Sega has released new screens from the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 RPG.

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Anon73495004d ago

FF13 was awful when I first played it in December, and it didn't get any better with the international version either.

I'm glad there's some good RPGs coming out.

Baba19065004d ago

i really love ff13 so i cant really agree with you, but i am very excited about this game too. its gonna be awesome. =D

raWfodog5004d ago

Don't jump the 'gun' yet. (hehe. Get it? Jump the 'gun', haha, oh well...) We don't know if this is going to be a 'good' jrpg from just a few screenshots and a demo. I have high hopes for it though...

Advari5004d ago

The game does look interesting I wonder if Sega learned their lesson with Bayonetta when it comes to releasing multiplatform games and half assing it. I think I might actually preorder this game for my PS3 if Sega did a good job on it.

ATLGAMER5004d ago

picking this game up today

TheXgamerLive5004d ago

it sh1tes on ff13 easily in many ways. im ny humble opinion of course.

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8 Underrated JRPG Games That You Can Play in 2021

From Xfire: "The golden era of JRPGs has long since passed, with more traditional RPGs having planted themselves firmly under the spotlight for the better part of the past two decades. However, while there's not been as many JRPG games released in recent years, there's still enough of them being released that results in certain titles slipping under the proverbial radar."

jznrpg1001d ago

The only game I don’t own and never heard of is Fell Seal , I’ll look into it

NecrumOddBoy1001d ago

Highly recommended if you like FF Tactics. I believe it was Colin Moriarty's (Last Stand Media) GOTY last year.

Positivelypositive 1001d ago

Most of these are the weak story jrpgs which is why its an easy pass for myself. I don't have love to turn based or tactics battles systems but I enjoy the other aspects of jrpgs. The most important aspect to me is the story. I have put up with playing horrible battle systems and mini games that should never exist to enjoy the lengthy and amazing stories these games have. For some reason around the PS3 days they seemed to think, who cares about story just worry about battle system and crafting. So if those are the things you're looking for then this list is for you.

Zeldafan641000d ago

You must not have been playing RPGs for almost 30 years.

Unknown_Gamer57941001d ago

I’ve been trying to get back into playing JRPGs lately. With the recent release of Persona 5 Strikers, I finally decided to start playing Royal. I don’t know if I can make the time for just any JRPG though, and Persona games are always an experience and a half.


Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition getting a physical release in Asia

Arc System Works announced today that Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition will be getting a physical release in Asian territories starting this December.

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Father__Merrin1482d ago

very memorable game for me last generation. nothing will ever beat the ps360wii era for me

ScoreBunnie1482d ago

I just want a remaster of Infinite Undiscovery on Xbox Scarlett and PS5.

Father__Merrin1482d ago

Will never ever happen it sold like pants. But was an excellent jrpg imo

ScoreBunnie1481d ago

Indeed it was, it was better game that Resonance and Remnant imo. Square has struggled to make a AAA game of that caliber since. The IP needs to be sold, then again I can say that of any square franchise that isn't Romance Saga, Final Fantasy, or Dragon Quest.


Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition (PS4) Review | GamePitt

Rob Pitt writes: During the Xbox 360 and PS3 era, we had a lot of JRPGs which went above and beyond by delivering us tens, or even hundreds, of hours of engaging stories around some rather interesting mechanics. This generation we’ve had a few, but most publishers seem to think the RPG genre simply means ‘Large open world full of fluff and minor distractions’.

Thankfully, tri-Ace has spotted this gap in the current market and not only remastered Star Ocean: The Last Hope earlier this year, but they also fully remastered Resonance of Fate in full 4k on both the PS4 and PC.

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SegaSaturn6691824d ago

Spend money on this! Not last remnant.

Movefasta19931824d ago

idk I feel like supporting both jrpgs might spawn sequels, better sequels since it's pretty random because I didn't expect to see remasters for these games. i'll pick up both.

rob-GP1824d ago

Yeah, I'll be picking up The Last Remnant as well - if we don't get a copy to review. I like these remasters as they're nice meaty JRPGs done right with the focus on the story and content over fluff.

I know footage of The Last Remnant looks a bit choppy in places but so did Star Ocean. It's just a shame that it wasn't a tri-Ace game as they seem to have gone all-out in remastering their engine with the various PC settings on the PS4.