Resonance of Fate launch screens

To accommodate the release of Resonance of Fate in North America, Sega has released new screens from the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 RPG.

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Anon73494332d ago

FF13 was awful when I first played it in December, and it didn't get any better with the international version either.

I'm glad there's some good RPGs coming out.

Baba19064332d ago

i really love ff13 so i cant really agree with you, but i am very excited about this game too. its gonna be awesome. =D

raWfodog4332d ago

Don't jump the 'gun' yet. (hehe. Get it? Jump the 'gun', haha, oh well...) We don't know if this is going to be a 'good' jrpg from just a few screenshots and a demo. I have high hopes for it though...

Advari4332d ago

The game does look interesting I wonder if Sega learned their lesson with Bayonetta when it comes to releasing multiplatform games and half assing it. I think I might actually preorder this game for my PS3 if Sega did a good job on it.

ATLGAMER4332d ago

picking this game up today

TheXgamerLive4332d ago

it sh1tes on ff13 easily in many ways. im ny humble opinion of course.

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