What Exactly Is Jim Sterling Reviewing? Not Much Apparently writes,

"As many of you may have seen, Jim Sterling at Destructoid wrote a less than stellar review for Final Fantasy XIII (4/10). One of his tweets even read:

Jim_Sterling: I am officially done with Final Fantasy XIII. That last chapter is an egregious mess of bullshit.

Sterling wrote all over twitter about how bad the game was, and he is entitled to his opinion, because at the end of the day that's what a review essentially is. However that opinion may have been tainted considering he never finished the game… and we have proof to show for it. Please enjoy exhibit A below."

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math4456d ago

liar liar pants on fire

4456d ago
Noctis Aftermath4456d ago

This doesn't really prove that he hasn't finished the game(or other games for that matter), he could of used multiple accounts, dev kit etc.

But if he has in fact not completed the game then it just shows his lack of credibility as a reviewer(which was already being questioned).

Danteh4456d ago

I dislike that sucker, but this doesn't prove sh!t, lol :O

Kerrby4456d ago

Woo! Go Dual Shockers!

I hope Destructoid dies and Jim Sterling finishes gaming forever.

What a waste of space that website is.

Ch1d0r14456d ago

With the attention he gets he could make a change in the gaming scene. But instead he gives his troll reviews, its not just him theres others out there too. These people should be thankful they have that job. Like Ryan from Area5, check out the speech he gave @ GDC 2010

good read, some one should link Sterling to it.

The Lazy One4456d ago

What does this prove? That's the last story trophy you can get, so it's more evidence that he did complete the story than that he didn't. Am I missing something?


Nike4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

Regardless of what the truth is, do so many of you Dual Shockers guys (Chadness, Tomarcus, JoeIT, Hitman0769) have to come here and spam the article with comments to raise the degrees? Seems to me you're the only ones looking for attention and thriving off negative attention here.

Edit: I'm neither agreeing with Sterling's review nor dissing you for your detective work (he could have other accounts, not synced trophies, etc. but no one can be sure). Just wondering why you're so desperate to milk this controversy as much as possible by spamming the comments section(s). Seems like a personal vendetta against Jim, and it really brings into a question how one can trust the intentions of a journalism site that so excessively attacks another.

Abash4456d ago

This guy is starting to get on my nerves.

Jim Sterling is 400 pounds of douchery

Biggest4456d ago

You get that trophy for making it to Gran Pulse, The Lazy One. That is no where near the end of the game.

anh_duong4456d ago

as a gamer, i don't mind reviewers giving good games a low score but giving bad games a high score is the worst thing a reviewer can do.. why? because it screws the consumer - ultimately reviewers are there to look after the consumer...

n4gn4gn4gn4g4455d ago

is a whiter and fatter HipHopGamer...nothing more.

Keep his ridiculous site off N4G and we will all be better off.

Syronicus4455d ago


That site is a pile of trash and has been for years now. Jim and the gang are nothing more than troll douche bags and deserve no such hits from those of us that truly game. If love gaming, then you despise sites like Destructoid. It's oil and water folks, oil and water.

HolyOrangeCows4455d ago

Jim Sterling is worthless. He's what is wrong with video game journalism.

Kornholic4455d ago

So, he's literally a big fat liar.

silverbeld4455d ago

Jim Sterling should get fired!

Christopher4455d ago

How the heck is it that I have more trophies and a higher level than someone who reviews games for a living? I'm about as limited in my gameplay time as one can get...

Blaze9294455d ago

you guys know that most reviewers don't base their review off retail disc but instead debug titles right? They play retail builds once that is available to see if there is any difference but their reviews mostly come form debug discs which do not play on normal systems nor track achievements/trophies. This proves nothing but how stupid some people can be. Who the hell cares - lay off the guy.

DarkTower8054455d ago

Like others said, that doesn't prove anything. Maybe he hasn't synced up yet. Either way, reviewers can't 100% complete games, especially long games like FFXIII which will take days of gameplay to finish. With so many games out there it's just not feasible.

MmaFanQc4455d ago

all he want is hits on his bs blogs

The Lazy One4455d ago

my bad, but the picture doesn't show any of the silver or gold story related trophies.

It doesn't even show FFXIII on his public trophies for me, so I can't verify what trophies he has.

silverbeld4455d ago


But you can verify with trophies that he, as a game reviewer never actual finish any game!

And it shows obvious that he is not even a gamer!

How can you then give a review when you only played a game for like one hour.

Nikuma4455d ago

Jim Sterling = Joke of a gamer.

Destructoid = worthless site desperate for hits.

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JoelT4456d ago

he really HAS been talking out of his A$$ all along. The man doesn't finish the games that he's being paid to review.

Nike4455d ago

Sterling's reply to your site's "investigations" (via his twitter):

"That dualshockers post about me is hilarious. No, I couldn't be f*cked to beat the last boss as I publicly stated. WHAT DETECTIVES! They also post achievements for games I've either beat or gotten to the last stage of. HOLY F*CK SHELOCK HOLMES IS BORN AGAIN! Drama queens."

iiprotocolii4455d ago

It's funny that he states something like this in his defense after he's already been exploited for being an egotistic ignoramus and a liar.

Jim Sterling thrives on attention which is why he does his tiring rants about <insert illogical topic here to piss of X group>. He has a handful of achievements on his XBL account in which it seems he did complete it. Personally, for someone to have a strong influence to whether or not purchasing a game is valid (and yes, even though his opinions aren't praised by everyone, there are people who read his stuff and decide whether or not to warrant the purchase of a game - just like people who depend on IGN, etc), his review scheme is pretty unprofessional. There are games on that list that haven't even hit two-digits in achievement.

And it's pretty sad, Nike, that you'd actually defend this guy for his egregious practice of games journalism. People have an opinion, yes. But "professionals" like him should really try to promote the issues with a game itself rather than the issues he personally has with it.

Das_Bastardion4456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

I knew a hooker had more credibility that this cheap motherfvcker, and im glad he's finally exposed. He's not a professional, he's not a journalist, and of course, he's not a gamer.

He's just a motherfvking xbot wich believes that he has the right to bash everything because a lame website gave him the oportunity to write.

I really really hope this exposure have SEVERE consecuences for his "career", and we finally get rid of him

God_Of_Epicness4455d ago


Tomarcus4456d ago

Where is the integrity?

Chadness4456d ago

When a game is heavily based on story like FFXIII, you gotta finish it for your review to even have any credibility.

math4456d ago

I go to destructoid but ever since the Deadly Premonition Heavy Rain stunt I have paid no mind to the reviews just because I don't want to have decided whether the guy is being serious or not. Plus, it's totally bad to the games he does this too. Final Fantasy had some flaws. But 4/10, 4/10, Seriously 4/10. It's a travesty. But it is comforting to know that he gave Deadly Premonition a 10. There's a fine line between baiting once in awhile to stir up a conversation, and constantly baiting for notoriety, and Jim Sterling craps all over that line.

kingdavid4456d ago

The 4.5 assassins creed 2 review was equally childish.

Waaahhh look at me, im jim sterling and i need attention.

Redempteur4455d ago

i think the gran pulse spike in difficulty might have been too much for some people ( this guy in particular )

creatchee4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

While I totally disagree with Sterling's Heavy Rain review (I love the game), I also agree with his Deadly Premonition review. That game was fun as hell for all of the wrong reasons, but fun nonetheless. It was Showgirls/Troll 2 bad, which makes it good - especially to people who like seeing things go horribly wrong.

Back to topic though - I don't really know what to make of this. Yes, he could have not synched his trophies. Even more plausible was that he reviewed during the "ApocalyPS3" - I actually did not earn any GOW 1 trophies on Collection during that day. Then there's the even more likely scenario where he didn't play it all of the way through.

However, given the body of his review, he really didn't have to play it all of the way through, as he seemed to be having a pretty miserable time getting through what he did play. I understand that journalists have to take what they are reviewing as a whole to give a fair review, but at that point, what would making it to the end have done for him? He already hated the story - its closure means nothing to him if he has nothing vested in it. He hated the dialogue - it's not going to get unlittered with what he's copmlaining about. The gameplay doesn't change. Really - he made up his mind at some point during the game as to what he was giving it.

But, that is his right - we can call him on it, but at the end of the day, a review is subjective and his score is based on what time he had with the game. In most cases, one should go all of the way until the end, but it wouldn't have made a difference in this one.

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