IGN: Turok Preview

Crouching in a hollowed-out tree, Joseph Turok is having a bad day. His former mentor has gone rouge, the team he's leading to go after the turncoat has crashed on a dinosaur-infested planet, and he's got a Mohawk … okay, it's a really bad day.

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MK_Red4306d ago

I've always loved Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Hopefully this is on par with that game in terms of graphics (Modern), gameplay and blood mechanism.

Rhezin4306d ago

what the f!ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they said it's due in September!! God dammit all these f!cking games are being pushed back because of halo

allexx_24306d ago

Sounds sweet!!! Can wait to get my hands on some classic Turok gameplay.

LeShin4306d ago

Damn this looks good! Just saw the video interview with the developer over at IGN. The close combat ideas that are in the game look stunning!

......and i've never had a chance to play a Turok game, well thats about to change when this comes out :)

MK_Red4306d ago

The gore and blood seems to be back but will strange weapons of Turok2 (The one brain sucking robot launcher?)

ThisIsWaiting4306d ago

Why are all the videos on IGN of this from the XBox360?