IGN layoffs hit all divisions of media giant

Joystiq has obtained an internal IGN memo sent by company president Roy Bahat announcing layoffs at the media site today. They currently have no accurate estimate for the number of people let go today, nor do they know if any divisions have been shut down entirely.

Bahat states in the memo, "We're doing this to reduce costs. While we've been doing well -- we're profitable and our audience continues to grow -- we're still feeling the effects of the economy, and we need to make sure we can invest where there is opportunity. Over the past couple of years, we have been focusing IGN on areas where we can not only grow, but be best in the world: serving gamers online, and serving advertisers looking to reach men. To do that successfully, we have to be as efficient as possible in our core businesses. The difficult actions we're taking today get us to where we need to be."

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jack who4641d ago

Sonyslave3 - 2 hours ago
1 -
See this prove Ign is bias

Tony-A4641d ago

He was being sarcastic....

Comet4640d ago

They must've gotten rid of all the fanboy editors.
Probably also seen how God of War III wasn't a perfect 10

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Otheros004641d ago

IGN is preparing for the end of the world.
Which is according to most people is 2012.
Or they are just don't get enough hits for their flambait stories.

Meodia_Art4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

This world will miss you and your bias reviews.

*Drops a rose*


My heart goes out to those that lost their jobs at IGN. Hope they find another one soon.

Chaos Striker4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )


They are getting hit by the economy as stated in the online memo. Cost cutting measures are inevitable in the majority of these cases.


I hope you are being sarcastic. Because that is just...misinformed...and very very picayune...

**Okay my bad, it's hard to detect sarcasm on the internet, I'm only human xD

Meodia_Art4641d ago

Yes, I was. I was mocking those in favor of these actions. It's a sad day, I really loved IGN reviews. Used to depend on them to make decisions for me.

TotalPS3Fanboy4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

Hopefully, this means IGN will become professional reviewers again, instead of just some flamebait site. Flamebait site really can't survive that long. Gamers demand a reviewing service, not flamebait. Stop providing that reviewing service and pretty soon, you're going to have to cut cost because gamers ain't coming anymore.

Anyway, will we finally see unbiased news and reviews from IGN?

Blaze9294641d ago

So IGN is having troubles financially? Well, now we know we can't trust ANY of their reviews now since they'll surely be accepting any and all bribes and ad revenue.

HolyOrangeCows4641d ago

The problem is the influx of game sites. More companies advertise with cheap advertisement systems (Like those offered by Google) because they turn up more and in more places and sites like IGN suffer because those tiny new sites often use these systems of advertisement.

EVILDEAD3604641d ago

People get mad at 9's for PS3 games..but TeamXbox muffed both the Final Fantasy XIII and Dead Space reviews..

But I've been going to TeamXbox for a loong time and they always seemed to slide in negative energy towards the 360 as well.I used to think to myself that it is easily because they are owned by IGN..guess everyone has their views..

Can you spell K.A.R.M.A...

Rock Bottom4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

That explain all the flambait articles, never thought IGN would disparately fall that low for hits.

(not talking about reviews here)

vhero4641d ago

they see the future and its PS3 and they finally kicking out all biased reviewers.

deafwing4640d ago

this goes for all jobs.

zoks3104640d ago

So basically the are firing people to increase profitability. Good luck to all that lost their job, and if history have taught us anything is that companies like IGN wont last long nor will they be remembered.

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deadreckoning6664641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

"This world will miss you and your bias reviews."

Biased against what??

The PS3??? Can't be since they gave GOW3 and Heavy Rain 9+ scores.

The 360??? Nope. Since they gave Mass Effect 2 a 9.6

Wait...maybe their biased against the Wii! Nope, since they gave Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and No More Heroes 2 glowing reviews.

Conclusion: Until someone can provide a logical argument for why IGN is blatantly biased then they only conclusion I can come to is that IGN isn't biased at all and that the people who think that IGN are biased are people with overactive imaginations.

@tunaks1- Yeah, I mean, what kind of self-respecting gamer complains because ONE MAN says their favorite game is a 9.3? I have a friend whos a huge GOW fanatic(he bought the ultimate edition) and he doesn't even look at review scores..much less cares.

Because my friend has a BRAIN, he can LOGICALLY reason that not everyone enjoys the same things to the extent of others

tunaks14641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

the minutes fanboys hear their favorite game doesn't get a 10 they get angry and the only way they can seem smart about their fanboyish response is to say ign is ignorant.

GiantEnemyCrab4641d ago

The dude is another one of those man.. You are wasting your time.

Just remember the next time you see it and remember this post and the commenter and don't give it a hit.

Tony-A4641d ago

Wow.... you clearly missed the "/sarcasm" under that statement.

sparta764641d ago

Wow what the fvck is all that about?

Reread his comment. Stupid!!!!

Talk about not having a Brain!!

What does Sarcasm mean?

silverbeld4641d ago

They are biased simply cause they give FF13 same score review. That is really impossible. PS3 got better graphics and no audio loss also more content.

Kos-Mos4641d ago

Well at least they are payed for good reviews.
Giving gta iv 10/10 is really embarrassing.
So shut it. Yer a joke.

Timesplitter144641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

FF13 not being rated lower on the X360 when it's the most severely downgraded port this gen.

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Somnipotent4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

you know, i always wondered why they don't have a team playstation or team nintendo... doesn't matter, i don't read IGNorant material anyway

Odion4641d ago

cause Team Xbox was another site that they bought out, like What they play

tunaks14641d ago

"i don't read IGNorant material anyway"
why because they didnt give your favorite game a 10/10
you sound ignorant, you do realize IGN is made up of more then 1 person right?

Chaos Striker4641d ago

You know, if you actually paid attention to anything, you'd know they previously had individual teams (now its a lump of editors). Pays to do some research wouldn't you say? And not sound like a fool?

Somnipotent4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

don't be a fool tunak, I'm entitled to my own opinions on what sites i gather my information from. the honest truth is IGN is owned by News Corp which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. i have an inherent dislike for that man. you guys defend IGN as if you get paycheck from them.

it was a simple question requiring a simple answer. keep your pants on.

Dark General4641d ago

It was a old reference to Gamepro "Lamepro" joke about what they said about IGN... Which subsequently got Gamepro into trouble because of a company that spelled their name "You can't spell IGNorant without GNO". Or something like that.

Either way it's sad to hear of people losing their jobs. I myself have been helping my father with his resume since he got laid off in November.

tunaks14641d ago

"don't be a fool tunak, I'm entitled to my own opinions on what sites i gather my information from. the honest truth is IGN is owned by News Corp which is owned by Rupert Murdoch."

Yes that makes sense, i bet Murdoch orders the reviewers to give your favoirte games low scores. What a bullsh!t answer, ign is ignorant because its owned by Murdoch, does that mean you don't watch any 20th century fox film,
please, you throw around "IGNorant" because everyone else does it,
get back on the bandwagon.

Tony-A4641d ago

Calm down, tunaks.

Just because they don't favor IGN or choose not to follow them doesn't mean their reason is because they think their editors are bias.

He clearly said he dislikes the guy who indirectly owns IGN. He said nothing about their scores, or even their editors.

arny4641d ago

since when is IGN biased I see all their scores fair

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Joni-Ice4641d ago

Chris Roper and the Team xbox guy lost their job. Im pretty sure they have families and bills just like you. The fact that they were laid off shows IGN is going through tough times and people families are being affected by it. This is 100 times more important than some stupid review you didnt like and felt it was bias. Besides, reviews are peoples opinions. Remember you have your own.

flirt_games4641d ago

IGN is lame bullshit site that needs to go down...

Silentmerc3nary4641d ago

I agree, Joni-Ice.

If you're happy that someone "got fired" over a review you didn't agree with, you need to rethink your priorities in life.

smittyjerkins4640d ago

Well if they got fired for being unprofessional then they deserved to get fired. I've seen some unprofessional articles on IGN and I'm not talking about reviews. I don't rejoice when people get fired, but when people get fired when they deserve it, I don't feel sorry for them.

Seriously, if IGN was being a truly professional site and putting gamers first, they wouldn't be in the mess they are now.