SCEA President: "We don't buy exclusivity."

In a not-very-disguised jab at Microsoft, SCEA President Jack Tretton told PSM in the latest issue, "We have a very different approach to exclusives than some of our competitors. We don't buy exclusivity. We don't fund development. We don't, for lack of a better term, bribe somebody to only do a game on our platform. We earn it..."

Note: Though this is a forum post, it is from a GamesRadar editor, increasing its reliability.

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kingofps35139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

Bribes in this industry go high, as high as 50 million.

Edit: @ toughluck
Yes! That's exactly how much the XROBOTS bribed Rockstar for the two exclusive GTA4 DLC.

toughluck5139d ago

Yeah, isn't that what Microsoft paid Rockstar for exclusive GTA IV downloadable content?

Snake_Doctor5139d ago

I guess this is just the season of flame wars.
Oh well, I predict high temperatures in the 500s
"XROBOTS" hehe

Omegasyde5139d ago

Hmm well right now in Japan atleast, they need exclusives.

Golden rule of Console Success
Exclusive games sell systems. Games Sell Systems.
(except the Wii, where the Controller sells the system)

But then again 50mil just for DLC? 50 mil could of went towards 3 or more games.

coolmatrix5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

360 users love SLOPPY seconds!!!

Used by more than 50 million gamers, 360 users and MS can enjoy SLOPPY seconds from Devil May Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, etc...

Sloppy seconds....Jump in before going RED with the ring of death...

Hey on your second or third refurbished machine? 360 users LOVE SLOPPY seconds!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Xbox360...Exclusive SLOPPY SECONDS!!

ArduousAndy5139d ago

This sounds like nothing more then someone crying.

MS has a larger install base, which sells more games. Which puts more money in there pocket.

Since its a business world. If company A shows me a nice system for my game and said system only has 3million people. Then company B shows me a nice system with 10 million people on it and then goes " here have some cash we want your game"

I would be heck ya ill get you a game right now.

You people cry foul as if this NEVER happened before.

Almost ALL great works of art from paintings to statues have been made because someone with money said to make it for them. Its not different here.

And Jack should shut up and start going to companies "heres some money make us a game"

because no matter HOW power the system is. That power means crap if theres no games on it.

kabala5139d ago

Back when the PS1 was realesed Sony paid for a 6 month exclusive for Mortal Kombat 3 then when Tomb Raider was finished for the Sega Saturn first the paid for it to come out first for the PS1. Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Wipeout and more all paid for!

JokesOnYou5139d ago

why pay for exclusives that will cost a arm & leg to make on our console but will not sale enough copies to make a profit, yeah we know we need more 3rd party exclusives which is why the PS2 was so successful but this time around our focus is the poo-ray format trojan horse and we need gamers to buy more movies than games which is why our GPU is an outdated pos. once again sony kids=


FreeMonk5138d ago

As much as Sony doesn't like to bribe third party for it's titles, they should really change there stance a little if they want to guarantee a jump on MS!

Yes, MS spent $50mil on GTA4 exclusive online content, but they will get there cash back and more on that investment after they sell more copies of GTA4 on X360, plus the price of the exclusive content. Personally, I'd go for the platform that offer more content for there buck, and that's why MS have secured this exclusive!

Exclusives is exactly WHY the PS2 did so well. Exclusive games like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy (which lucky for Sony, they still have exclusive for PS3), Tekken, Devil May Cry plus many many other exclusive third-party titles.

The biggest title for the Sony PS2 for the States and European market was GTA, and Sony messed up big time when they lost the exclusive rights for it for the PS3.

Rockstar wanted to keep it's exclusive rights with Sony, but no word came from Ken Kutaragi, which left SCEA execs without any authoity to sign GTA up! This was documented in a feature just this week, which was on this site. Take a look!

At the end of the day, being ruthless makes you money in business, and that what is MS is doing. Sitting back and hoping it all comes to you and works in your favour, which Sony seems to be doing, can be very dangerous.

The only bad side at the moment is the bad failure rate of the X360's (I've had 2 repairs!!), which could play into Sony's hands, but with the X360 being a much cheaper console, offering the same big titles that were once exclusive titles on the PS3, will sway people into buying MS console due to the price!

Kaneda5138d ago

"The biggest title for the Sony PS2 for the States and European market was GTA, and Sony messed up big time when they lost the exclusive rights for it for the PS3."

GTA was never exclusived for was port to xbox way later...

Sony relies more on their 1st party games to sell console... but don't know if it works anymore... Since games take longer to make for next-gen with all the details... they need games... not delay...

uxo225138d ago

BRIBE? BRIBE? No, it's called business, and sometimes paying for exclusives is the cost of doing business. Let me guess, ATT "Bribed" Apple to carry the iphone right? I'm sure Apple out of the kindness of their hearts decided to let ATT carry the iphone because the like their logo. This guy sounds like a big A$$ baby crying foul because he's not talented enough to play with the big boys. Please!

Then, look at the Fanboys, jump right in an use this guys exact words in their comments, just like a bunch of lemmings. Pathetic! (Sony relies too much on loyality, they just keep stringing us along while linning their pockets. And giving NOTHING in return!) One other thing, there is no way SONY has not paid ANY company for exclusivity, that's just another of many shameless lies. I'm tired of using my PS3 to decorate my entertainment center. Maybe those [email protected]@rds SHOULD pay for exclusives so we can get some games around here.

I apologize, this crap is starting to annoy me, sony is sitting on their A$$es raking in money and doing little to nothing for the PS3 owners. Delay, Delay, Delay, cancel, lost exculsive, etc. When will it stop. And their answer to it all is, "we don't bribe" STFU!

Before you all start to disagree, and bash me, just think about it. Sony has had plenty of time to line games up, and get game out there. The PS3 has been out for less than a year, but it's been in development for many years. HEY SONY! How about throwing us a bone, and not the bone you've been sticking in our @$$es!

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coolmatrix5138d ago

Xbox360 had a year head start: Total sales around 10 million with about 30% failure rate give or take. Despite the hottest title Gears of War only 2 million copies or about 20% of 360 users care to purchase the title. ALARMING!!!

MS hopes that POACHING once PS2 exclusives would lead to more 360 consoles sold. NEVER HAPPENED, NEVER WILL! MS doesn't understand PS owners. We don't WANT A 360 - EVER!!!

PLus they are running out of successful PS2 exclusives to POACH.

What will happen then? What would happen if those once PS2 exclusives dont sell as much as Gears of War 2 million copies? Scary thought. MONEY DOWN the drain.

PS3 has already sold 5 million units worldwide and it still doesnt have a killer app yet although Resistance sold 2 million copies. That means almost 50% of PS3 owners bought Resistance compared to about 20% of all 360 owners for Gears of War.

Once PS3 gets rolling with its titles its game over.

The number dont lie. PS3 sold 5 million units averaging about $599 with NO KILLER APPS.

I would be scared if I was MS or Nintendo.

Wii only sells because of Wii Sports. No other new users will play beyond Wii Sports. The numbers dont lie. Gamers will buy games on Wii but new users will go no further than Wii Sports.

Dont believe me ask any friend or family member to play anything beyond Wii Sports.

PS3 has superior tech and superior build. PS3 wins HANDS DOWN.

Thats why Sony is not gonna waste their cash on once PS2 exclusives.

MS on the other hand is desperate. JUST LIKE POACHERS IN AFRICA...desperate.

But once you POACH there comes a DAY when NO MORE TO POACH and you roll over and DIE!

PS owners dont want a 360 and NEVER will no matter what you POACH MS!!

caffman5138d ago

You say that NO ps2 owners want a 360?
Well I know 40 for a start who own both and don't want a PS3

CyberSentinel5138d ago

"We don't buy exclusivity. We don't fund development."

In other words....we don't care about games anymore, we only care about blu-ray.

Blind Lemmings, The Playstation Reign Is Over.

Violater5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

Show me the GAMES.
before the rabit ps3 fanboy vampire in me eats your soul.
Anyway with that said lol
It's just plain economics, with the amount of money invested in their own studios for exclusives along with the not so High number of ps3 sales, its just plain not work shelling out millions for exclusives at this point.
But Jack I bloody hope you weren't referring to MGS4 or this may come back to haunt you like so many other things said.

I'll say it again only Phil should be allowed to speak

ShiftyLookingCow5139d ago

good comment, I know you still love your PS3 but at least you think, Microsoft crapped on console reliability and Sony on third party support, they would do better to accept reality

kspraydad5139d ago

If Sony goes out and buys a developer are they not, de facto, buying exclusivity?
It might be a 'different' way to do it but it amounts to the same thing.

"We don't 'fund' development'...

Well...if they have teams of Sony developers on call to assist third party developers understand the are funding the development. Not with cash but again it amounts to the same thing.

I'm not a Sony basher generally (in fact there are those here that call me a Sony fanboy ???) but the spin on this is getting me dizzy.

Strange5139d ago

That, and handing out cash to existing developers, are VERY different

XxZxX5139d ago

support developers is very different from buying developer. Sony/Mircrosft/Nintendo will have to support their own SDK. You have to support the developement you launched. You think developers are going to just read books and figure out their own?.. how is that the same with I pay you $50 million to develope content.

crippler6665139d ago

Sorry but Sony do not play that card too often, Sony own a big stake in Square Enix and yet still Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games have been released on other consoles. Nintendo and Microsoft have had games released by Square Enix.

I know they have bought shares in other companies and it has not stopped developement for other systems.

Schmitty075139d ago

They lose all the exclusives.