A selection of Dead Rising screenshots released

Capcom have today released over forty screenshots for there upcoming 360 game called Dead Rising.

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PS360PCROCKS5410d ago

I wasn't so sure about this game, but than I saw the video yesterday on IGN in the MasterbitHD and it looks awesome and fun, it's funny watching the guy running around and beating people with a mannican and it breaks so he beats them with the arms, legs, etc..and he goes to a restaurant to make a skillet hot and than beats people with a hot skillet, lol it looks fun

Mikey_Gee5409d ago (Edited 5409d ago )

When I first saw the ingame screens (still in development) I made the mistake MANY OF US DO and judged the game on that and dismissed it. I didn't mind the gameplay I saw but graphics were very lack lustered and PS2 like, but NOW that we see stuff has been rendered in full blow detail ... it looks good .... very good.

It may be mindless bashing, but hey, we all need a game like that from time to time to let off some steam.

That chick has a very very nice rack.