Mysterious 239MB Update Released for Need For Speed Shift

Jason Evangelho writes:

"Need for Speed Shift racers will be treated to a rather beefy 239 MB update when firing up the game in their PS3 or 360 consoles today. That size indicates much more than mere patches or fixes."

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lzim3137d ago

I like that speculation that it is promotion related. We'll pump your game full of ads for this new pack, for free! but you have to pay us to get rid of the ads. You didn't need that 239 megs anyway.

killyourfm3137d ago

I liked when EA/Bioware did it inside of Dragon Age, as the vendor was just kicking it at your camp. It was clever...remains to be seen if this will be as clever. Hopefully EA will respond to inquiry I sent 'em.

shadowdancer3137d ago

Yea dude...on the most basic level it annoys me that it's REQUIRED for me to put 240MB on my harddrive to even play the game, not knowing what the content is.

captain-obvious3136d ago

238MB my ass
i sold my copy loooong time ago
this game sucks

bruddahmanmatt3136d ago

This is probably nothing more than the assets for the latest DLC patch. Thing is, if your friends were to download the latest DLC and you didn't, without the assets you wouldn't be able to play with them. Paying for the DLC itself probably results in an unlock granting you access to the content. EA did the same thing with Burnout Paradise. Even if you didn't buy any of the DLC you needed the assets on your system so that you could see the vehicles your friends may have picked up.

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TomMcBaum3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I think NFS Shift is the most underrated racing game on the current-gen consoles. It handles well (arcade-y and easy for beginners in the casual mode, but nicely responsive in pro mode), it looks pretty good, it's fun, the progression through career mode is nicely balanced... and EA practically killed *all* enthusiasm for it by releasing that P.O.S. demo for the PC, which was buggy as He11 -- even after the "patched" PC demo was re-released. Considering the bargain price you can now pick up the console version for, it's worth picking up, I think. The new update hasn't frozen on me yet, which is more than I can say for Heavy Rain, after its latest update.

reluctant_gamer3136d ago

Yep, first racing game where I've loved - not hated - the in-car camera.

mal_tez923136d ago

I love the immersion. No other racing game makes you feel like you're a driver than shift, you feel every bump in the road, every crash, the weight of the car turning, the car's bodyroll etc.

If only more FPS games were this immersive... The only game with comparable immersion is KIllzone 2, another game I love.

I love this game so much, I picked it up last week for only $30 (games in Australia retail for $80 - 100) and will be playing it for a while.