Epic wants to maintain "visual leadership," Bleszinski teases Gears 3 teaser

TVGB: "Unreal Engine 3 and Gears of War series developer Epic Games is looking to maintain their "visual leadership," design director Cliff Bleszinski said at the Game Developers Conference last week."

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nogolis3199d ago

Maybe they should talk to Naughty dog and Guerrilla Games more than.

Cold 20003199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Maybe Epic are unaware that other games on the 360 already look way better than Gears 2. And I'm not talking only about exclusives.

And visual leadership goes to Crytek and co anyway.

Pennywise3199d ago

HAHAHAHAHA.... between Epic and Greenburg they have one hell of a comedy show going on.

When does the tour start? Before you Europeans get excited... they will only be touring NA.

DJexs3199d ago

since when did they have visual leadership? No offense really but their graphics are behind and outdated.


On the 360? What games are you talking about that are out? You haven't played enough of Gears especially online apparently to make such a statement. And there isn't anything out there blowing Gears out of the water, not that you said that, but for anyone thinking so, they're delusional.

joydestroy3199d ago

well they need to implement the Unreal Engine 4 then. UE3.5 isn't going to cut it imo.

Cold 20003199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Nah, Gears 2 looks great, but not as phenomenal as when the first Gears came out. Graphically speaking Gears 2 was just a minor improvement.

RE5 for instance looks better, same goes for Lost Planet 2. Alan Wake is head and shoulders above Gears 2.

There arent the same style but ME2 looks sharper than Gears 2 as well. I'm sure I'm forgetting some other games too.

@pennywise: Were they on tour too ? I must have missed them http://next-generationsyste...
Come on man, I'm sure you got some first row tickets somewhere, you lucky boy! ^^

Persistantthug3199d ago

As if the Unreal engine is some graphical masterpiece.

UnwanteDreamz3199d ago

I can think of at least 4 or 5 games on the 360 that look better IMO. Some multiplats too.

mikeslemonade3199d ago

360 right now is about 2 years behind the PS3 as far as visuals. Nothing on 360 surpasses the first Uncharted 1. They won't be able to maintain visual leadership on the 360.

Crytek isn't the visual leader. You can't compare the PC to the consoles because the PC is limitless and Epic is trying to make a game on a console that has already reached it's limit 2 years ago.

Reibooi3199d ago

Funny because they already lost the visual leadership a long long time ago.

And honestly I don't see them getting it back this generation and maybe not even the next generation considering some of the other powerhouses are starting work on a Next gen engine.

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Somnipotent3199d ago

flow... resident evil 5 even looked better than gears of war. don't kid yourself.

Greywulf3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Ok, So What Unreal Engine games look better than:

1. Crysis
2. Killzone2
3. Uncharted 1 & 2
4. COD4

hell, lets just start there.

Cant Wait to see the responses. Just frustrated kids realizing its not the launch of the 360 anymore. Those days are gone. Competition showed up soon after and went beyond any bars a shiny normal map could have set. Oh and BLOOOOOM wowww..

Crytek stepped up to the plate unlike Epic, and actually showed what you can do with todays technological advances even on consoles. Epic can retain being the engine that more people know, and can make quick rehashes of games, and im sure collect a few dollars.

But they haven't had the visual edge since Gears1 released with no competition. Resistance 1 was still more technologically advanced.

The best part of saying Alan Wake, is that it admits that there sure as hell is nothing on the 360 released in 5 years that can qualify.

I love n4g.

Disagree tears taste sooo good

Persistantthug3199d ago

But currently, as far as games concerned, games that are here and can be played, Uncharted 2 is the current benchmark...THE KING and PINNACLE of console graphics tech.

Feel free to revisit when this changes, beans.

Oldsnake0073199d ago

lol I think Uncharted 2 won't be surpassed by a loooooooooooooooooooooong time.

Only by Crysis 2 on PC maybe.

UnwanteDreamz3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

BS beans you must be a phuckin blind man. I have heard this line from you before though. We will see this year I guess. Don't hold your breath bud or you might pass out.

Megaton3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Foolish statement by them. They don't hold "visual leadership" on any platform. PC is Crytek, PS3 is a toss-up between several of their first-party studios, and even on 360 there are numerous titles both on the market and in the pipeline that look better than Gears 2.

I would love it if CryEngine3 replaced UE3 as the go-to solution for developers without in-house engines.

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Megaton3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Hah, good one beans, needed that. Been kind of a crappy day.

"360 has always had the graphics advantage up until kz2's release". Classic.

I remember when I first joined this site in 2007 you said I was such a die hard Sony fanboy that I didn't even know it, all because I was more excited for Unreal Tournament 3 than Halo 3. Good to see you're still diligently riding the short bus after all this time.

Lifendz3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I thought Arkham Asylum, for example, was gorgeous. I guess like anything it all depends on the dev using it. I think the real problem was when so many people were using the engine that games began to all look the same. The faults in the engine stood out all the more because of the over-exposure. Worst part about this was being a PS3 only owner in 2007 when devs were clearly having trouble using the Unreal Engine on PS3 games.

As far as them maintaining visual leadership....I gotta think that Naughty Dog took that title from them and Sony Santa Monica has now taken that title from ND (not that it matters much seeing as how it's all Sony). Heck, even Resident Evil 5 looks better than the last Gears.

Oh yeah, lol @ anyone that felt the need to bring up the PC in this conversation.

mikeslemonade3199d ago

Metro 2033 just got a 7.5 in the graphics department in the IGN review. Surely it would have gotten atleast a 9.0 if it is theoretically is better than Killzone 2.

Don't say it's just a from a review site because they're more reputable than you are. Meaning they actually played the game and they probably have a better eye in judging than you do.

Right now Uncharted 2 is still king in graphics. I know you guys hate it but it's the truth.

TheBlackSmoke3199d ago

You actually have to be at the top first before you go on about maintaining anything... Maybe they are on about 360 games, but even then RE5, FF13, ME2 and Alan wake still look better than gears 2

beans3199d ago

Oh so now we should believe everything a review site says because there opinion is more reputable? I will never believe or agree with a review site. If you can look at Metro and then look at KZ2 and honestly tell yourself 7.5 was fair then I don't know what to say. The review guys are in it to make money were fans like myself just give honest opinions.

Biggest3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

A lot of those quotes you posted turned out to be 100% true, Cold 2000.

Edit: LOLOLOL! I decided to read the posted comments below it. That is where the real comedy gold is. The article is from 2007 and the comment section is full of the "BluRay is dumb" people. If only time stopped in 2007.

raztad3199d ago

I'm playing GoW3 and I can safely say it blows anything out of the water on the xbox. EASILY.

Shaman3199d ago

I dont understand the hate for Epic.EVERY gen they are the first with with their engine,that is btw most used 3rd party engine.Gears was undeniable best looking game when it came out,Gears 2 again was arguably best looking game as for 2008 till KZ2 came.What do you expect from engine that one year ago did not support dynamic lightning and is middleware?Now people compare it with Cryengine 3,technically most advanced middleware engine that was released several month ago.UE3 was made by 2004,first next gen engine.

You guys really mistake if you think Epic couldnt make best looking exclusive game if they made ground up engine for any specific platform.They are probably best when it comes to rendering engines(Id Software and Crytek are better)and have one of the best and well known graphics engineers and programmers,Tim Sweeney.I believe with update UE3 engine,they will be able to match the rest as far as gfx go.And you guys could just stop pulling out of your a** and be so ignorant,when you make the first and most well known and used engine like Epic made this gen come with your impressions how is it to be on top.

menoyou3199d ago

Indeed, Gears 2 wasn't even an upgrade to Gears 1. They haven't had visual leadership for years now.

Neo6043199d ago

Still trying to catch up to KZ2.

BattleAxe3199d ago

maintain "visual leadership".............. .............LMAOROFLBBQFTWLOL

Sheikh Yerbouti3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )


Resident Evil 5 graphics made me think more graphical prowess could be squeezed out of the 360 with right developers and engine. As in lots. But Batman Arkham Asylum sealed the deal for me.

Still if Epic regains any leadership it will be only among 360 exclusives. PS3 has graphics on lock this generation as far as consoles. But no one is phuking with PC/Crysis (from a console only player, I may add).

VINNIEPAZ3199d ago

1st Comment and its by a Sony fanboy. Didnt see that coming

bpac1234567893199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

They havn't held the visual crown since Gears 2 and that wasn't for long because MGS4 was released right after that. What game have they put out that has topped MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, or GOW 3( Just fought Hades OMG!!!)? just sayin.

JokesOnYou3199d ago

Cliffy, Just give us Gears3 in 2011 and I'm happy 'cause theres no doubt with Reach out of the way Gears3 will be left all by itself at the top featuring the best cover mechanic, weapons, enemies and badass charachters that will smash all other contenders in 2011.


likedamaster3198d ago

I'll bite. And as a matter of fact, I'll quote.

As pretty as Uncharted looks, it still cartoony and doesn't have the "realistic" look of Gears. Although, I like Uncharted for its artstyle I still prefer the look of Gears. And the recent tech demo they showed looks leaps and bounds more real than anything I've seen so far. Imagine this tech on PC?

Gears 3, can't wait.

Perkel3198d ago

@ Shaman

there was uncharted 1 , lair, heavenly sword on ps3 at time of premiere gow2...

vhero3198d ago

Want to stay on top with graphics?? Stick with PC then... If you really wanna do the console thing than your backing the wrong console if you stick with 360 for Gears and multi-platform will not help the graphics either. Honestly its basic tech..

WildArmed3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

did you just call gears more 'realistic'....

Both Uncharted 2 and Gears 2 have nothing on 'realistic' gfx.
Leave that for games like Crysis.
I"m not saying U2 n G2 look bad... They are forefront running on their respective consoles.

But I think to maintain visual leadership, epic has a long way to go.
Gears 1 looked amazing on PC. Unless they bring Gears 3 back to PC too, then I dont see this happening.


If Bungie wasn't busy trolling the PS3 section, he would have taken the first lol

Syronicus3198d ago

Yeah, right. They lost that title back with Uncharted... Uncharted the first in the series. Sorry Epic, you are not even on the radar when it comes to graphical epicness and your story lines have all but drowned in patheticness.

MNicholas3198d ago

Perhaps from an artistic stand point but, from a technical standpoint, it's never been impressive.

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MazzingerZ3198d ago

they need to go back to 2008 and beat MGS4 first

Inside_out3198d ago

UC2 and KZ2 spend all there time coping other games for a reason...The other games are BETTER...nuff said...

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PirateThom3199d ago

Maintain visual leadership?

Is this 2006?

Pennywise3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Its bizzaro land - where shiny rules them all.

Captain Hotpot3198d ago

Oh wait, that wasn't Funny.

-Alpha3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

As if they always had it?

Gears 2 did look excellent. They maintained visual leadership on the 360 perhaps, but Crysis still leads overall visuals and Killzone 2 is a marvel on consoles, with numerous games following after Gears 2 like GoW3 and UC2.

Xwow20083199d ago

don,t forget MGS4 it had the best gfx in consoles for 2008.

The real killer3199d ago

Wait, Crysis do not lead the visuals over Killzone 2.

Killzone own Crysis in Visual/Physics and lighting and maybe on par with the graphics.

RagTagBnd4453199d ago

@The real killer
Oh please, free us from your fanboy crap and open your eyes.

-Alpha3199d ago

Oops. Almost forgot about MGSIV, thanks!


Thanks for proving your ignorance.

menoyou3199d ago

I have to agree with Killer. While Crysis used more juice and had more polygons, it still looked like any other FPS just with nice scenery and models. Killzone 2 had nice scenery, models, animation, A.I., and much more. Killzone 2 was much more impressive and a true next-gen shooter.

Consoldtobots3199d ago

don't try to explain processing theory to spec whores, they only understand spoonfed numbers.

wicko3199d ago

Making up terms like "processing theory" doesn't make you look smart.

Comparing gameplay and visuals in terms of art direction is fine, but in terms of technical features, CryEngine 2 is the leader. It's a no brainer really, even today modders are still creating working at making the game look even better, and the mods can still give even the latest and greatest a run for its money. The Killzone 2 engine cannot do this, obviously. That's not to say that Killzone 2 isn't impressive, its just that the PC is just more capable than a PS3 and it really isn't a fair comparison.

But in terms of art direction and gameplay? Definitely a more of a "to each their own" situation.

WildArmed3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

imo, Resident Evil 5 put up a really good fight against Gears 2 on the 360. I wouldn't know what to choose if i had to choose a winner.

As for the ps3.. MGS4 <3.... ok. maybe I just get too excited when I see Snake putting on his mask and going all ninja on everyone! >.>
But seriously, I dont know anything about technical mumbo jumbo.. but the art direction of MGS4 was were my heart lies. So it'll keep the crown from me.

PC.. i think Crysis Warhead had a really good thing going. And Gears 1 (for those who played it on PC) looked more amazing than Gears 2.

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Fishy Fingers3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

"maintain"? Perhaps start with "achieve" and go from there (not 2006/7 anymore). I guess you could argue they were/are the best middleware solution, but Cryteck are surely going to challenge them there.

Inside_out3198d ago

Gears the best looking and playing game this gen...the developers know it. That's why they spend all there time trying to look like Gears...I have a PS3..PS3 is all cut-scenes...You spend more time watching than't wait for the Gears3...Alan wake and SplinterCell will have to do for now...LMFAO...

Letros3199d ago

I've never played an UE3 game and said to myself, "wow this looks amazing"

Ghostsmoker3199d ago

I have both consoles and I have to say that Gears still belongs to the best looking games on consoles.

Inside_out3198d ago

Gears has no equal, so far , this gen on any system...PERIOD...UC2 is the most overrated game of all time followed closely by KZ2. Not even close to Gears...Gears has the most detailed game-play and characters released..well..RE5 and God of war characters are also very impressive...There's a reason MW2 outsold UC2 3 to 1 even tho UC2 released a month earlier...The truth is there IF people want to see it...Check out Alan wake and Splinter-cell...2010 may have a new bench mark with all the games that are releasing...Wait and see...