Sam Fisher is on Twitter

The ex-NSA agent and on-the-run criminal begins to tweet some interesting information.

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Rubang3141d ago

Hahaha, this is the best fictional character advertising since Cooking Mama released her own press release to make fun of Science Papa. I'm actually surprised there aren't more fictional characters on Twitter.

UnwanteDreamz3141d ago

I just hate the name Twitter.

"Check out Twitter"
"Look what I just Tweeted"

What grown person talks like that?

BeardedGamerShow3141d ago

Fictional characters on Twitter are always a blast. Matt Fraction posing as Hobo Darkseid for several months was awesome.

Kantor3141d ago

The Heavy Rain Twitter accounts were pretty interesting as well, but they weren't really related to the game.

routsounmanman3141d ago

Pikachu on Twitter next >_>

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