Rumor: Killzone 3 Out April 2011

Sony could be aiming to have Killzone 3 ready for release by April 2011.
According to a report, Guerrilla's PlayStation exclusive FPS could be going head-to-head with Epic Games' Xbox shooter.

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callahan093165d ago

We just had this same rumor, only it was about Gears 3 instead of Killzone 3. What's going on with all these rumors, lately?

TheHater3165d ago

yeah, they are just basing this on the Gears 3 April rumor.

-Alpha3165d ago

Appealing to 1Up doesn't justify it.

I want Killzone 3 by the end of the year. April 2011 is sooo far away.

I've put over a 100 hours into K2's multiplayer and though I had issues with it, I enjoyed the game a lot.

I really hope GG puts in a goddamn party system this time. The clan system was amazing but full of cheaters and GG did a poor job of trying to punish cheaters with K2.

I loved the replay mode they had on their site but for the love of God put it into K3 and make it fully featured like Halo 3's.

Add co-op, keep the same great MP with some improvements and additions, tell the story from the Helghast's Point of view and you have yourself a recipe for hot anticipation.

Cold 20003165d ago

Dont tell me they are going to try to go head to head with the BEAST...

It simply isnt necessary especially since MS are going to make sure Gears is the only game you hear talk about in April.

Fishy Fingers3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

According to Epic Gears isnt releasing in April 2011.

Edit: for the ill-informed disagree You know if you disagree with me Epic might change their mind, just for you :)

cereal_killa3165d ago

Fishy you know these fanboys don't read anything except for the title Mark Rein already said Gears 3 is not coming on that date.

"Epic’s Mark Rein has gotten back to VG247 following today’s Gears of War 3 rumour. What did he say?

Simply put: “You’re kidding, right?”

It was reported this afternoon by Edge that the sequel will be coming on April 8, 2011, with a teaser trailer that would build up the hype in the next three weeks on the same date the game was supposedly due a year later.

But you may consider that rumor shat and pissed on, and then buried out back.

himdeel3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

...on all his points and I too want K3 this year. A October or December release date would be grand. The engine is done tweaks can be made to improve everything visually. The Killzone franchise has a lot of back story or continuation from K2 that can be explored.

bjornbear3165d ago

@ cold

what beast? what are you on about? =P this game destroys gears in every category except sales and some review scores...

and as a gamer, when playing a game, the last thing i care about are sales and review scores =D (although they are fun to yap about in comments sections)

so...beast? no beast =)

ChozenWoan3165d ago

With Socom4 coming out this fall, KZ3 will likely come next March. Sony most likely doesn't want to release too many shooters back to back like they did with Soccom:C, R2, and K2 so they are going to pace them out some.

It's interesting how Sony has turned March into a second holiday season for games. Between KZ2 last year and GoW3 this year, I'm liking the way they are starting to spread out the major releases. Now if we could just get some AAA games for the June-July season then we'd be really cooking. It's a shame how few games are released near E3 when E3 is one of the biggest gaming events of the year.

morganfell3165d ago

By this fall they will have had two years for most of the team to work on Killzone 2. It was finished in the fall but was held back so as not to conflict with Resistance 2. A small part of GG worked on polish until release. The rest of the team wasn't just sitting on their ass.

Great engine improvements and engineering for coop have had plenty of time along with SP/MP. It is definitely a doable time frame.

-Alpha3165d ago

Yeah, the engine was what delayed K2 constantly.

I really think that if they release it this year full of features and content like Halo 3 (minus the split screen because it's impossible to do apparently), we could have an awesomely packaged game. Not trying to make a comparison war, but Halo 3 didn't really have a new engine but that allowed Bungie to fill the game with an incredible amount of gameplay variety.

If Killzone 3 comes out next year then it has to come with a ridiculous amount of content. If it comes out this year I would love that they work on the co-op, story, etc.

I am assuming that though they are done with the engine the year can be used to offer an incredible amount of content.

bruddahmanmatt3165d ago

I doubt KZ3 gets released in 2010. Sony delayed the launch of KZ2 in hope that it wouldn't compete directly with Resistance 2 back in 2008/2009. With SOCOM 4 dropping in the fall and Resistance 3 likely dropping in late October/early November, I see KZ3 getting a Q1 2011 release at the earliest.

sonarus3165d ago

Whenever they decide to release KZ3 they better not fail like they did with KZ2. By fail i mean no online coop. That game seemed built for coop and they decided to omit it. If that game had coop would have enjoyed it a lot more.

KZ3 no coop = no buy

boodybandit3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Some people simply have no shame.
Usually driven by fear.

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Sonyslave33165d ago

LOL Gears of War 3 got the droids scare.

gtamike1233165d ago

Wrong way round mate, no 360 came close to killzone 2 graphics and killzone 3 will look even better. (in other words game over Xbots)

Gears of War is just unreal 3 in 3rd person anyway.

CryWolf3165d ago

Wrong Gears 3 still using the same crappy graphics from gears of war and gears 2, Hell Uncharted still looks better then any of the bots games, so you fail.

Michael-Jackson3165d ago (Edited 3164d ago )



PS3 improves graphics each and every year

360 is stuck in 2006 LMAO

bots make claims of a but fail...bu.bu metro looks beta, Dante inferno is beta...lololololol, next is that Brink Game...YOU ARE LOOKING @ PC images...just like metro!

ps3 delivers

But I will admit that Crysis 2 MAY be the next best looking game but we haven't seen HD console footage to judge it properly...

Killzone 3 will probably surpass it anyway.

TROLL EATER3164d ago

ahahah gears 2 roasted resistance 2 alive. now killzone 3 will be incinerated

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KonohagakureFC3165d ago

but April seems kinda too soon, bet they saving KZ3 for a big E3 announcement and maybe itll release by november or something

TOO PAWNED3165d ago

lol kid April nextt year 2011, learn to read

Basil-Rathboner3165d ago

Off topic but here is a wee gift for ps3 movie watching fans with a broadband connection.

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Bingo you are now in possession of a perfect copy of George Romero's latest zombie film that is not released for well over a month.

I have not watched it yet so don't blame me if the movie is bad. From my early sneak peak to check quality the zombies fx looked a bit ropey but it looked quite gory.

Enjoy. Sorry for being off topic. PS3 it took 2hrs 12mins to download on my WIRED connection.

Halo3 MLG Pro3165d ago

Oh my. This has to be a joke. Sony isn't stupid enough to try to release Killzone 3 at the same time as Gears 3. Gears 3 would literally curb stomp KZ3.

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