GameSpot: Need for Speed: World First Look

You'll soon be able to dive back into the world of Razor Callahan (among others) in the upcoming massively multiplayer online racing game Need for Speed: World from EA and developer Black Box. This is the first MMO racer from EA since 2001's Motor City Online and represents a different approach than that ill-fated game; it looks to take advantage of modern technology while it harks back to two of the most popular recent entries in the series.

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subzero-083141d ago

This game looks pretty sick. Can't wait for it. I just hope it doesn't turn out like Battlefield Heroes, where it become completely dependent on money. I'd rather straight-up pay one fee and not worry about it anymore.

Major Kanimo3141d ago

i havent been impressed by a need for speed game since most wanted so hopefully this will be good :)