GameSpot: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Review

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce significantly improves the troublesome aspects of the PSP original, but its combat is still too shallow to hold your attention for long. The new role-playing elements make the game more compelling for a time, but they're not deep enough to distract you from the overall monotony. Strikeforce offers a modest leap over its derivative progenitors, but it still falls short of the competition.

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Michael-Jackson3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Give up on this trash of a franchise! whats up with the shallow sequels and lack of improvements, the developers need a new job - they suck, then again they still make money in the end... I laugh @ whoever buys this crap.

-MD-3189d ago

My friend was raving about this last night saying it's easily the best in the series.

I'll rent it to see if that's actually true because I doubt it.