Heavy Rain Patch 'Coming very soon'

The ongoing investigation of the Heavy Rain bug is nearing an end. Much like the hunt for the Origami Killer, the investigation team is in the final stages of testing the update and they'll reveal it to the world very soon. Unfortunately, this patch may or may not fix all the current problems in the game.

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arny3136d ago

theyll have to make 50 patches to fix all the glitches in this game

MattyF3136d ago

They won't change the trophy delay. They made it that way purposely. They don't want the trophy icon ruining the experience of the game.

NotSoSilentBob3136d ago

They need to patch in the removal of delayed trophies. I have been trying to get the Birthday Trophy and played over 75 times with no trophy Ding.

Nitrowolf23136d ago

i thought i would have an issue with this game like a freeze like everyone else did but i have plat on this game and have not gotten a sigle issue other then sound dissapearing. As for trophies that annoys me that they come so late in the loading screen

jalen2473136d ago

The game is magnificent but it is a little buggy.

I got stuck in the steps in the Suicide Baby chapter.