Fanboys Ignore The Facts

A fanboy can only see his or her console and nothing else. They ignore the facts and everything surrounding them. Fanboys have caused the deterioration of the industry among other things. Take a look at the simple facts.

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JOLLY13138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The first fact he states is that the ps3 is a better console than the 360. I wonder what he means by that. If he is saying for him... that is an opinion. If he is talking about failure rate, that makes sense. I think he is a little messed up though. If one person prefers the 360 console over the ps3 then it is no longer a fact. It is then an opinion. Oh well, either way.

*Edit* Here is a taste of the article "To the PS3 and Xbox360 supporters, your a moron if you think that the sole reason why your console is better is because the games."

Does anyone see the problems? Lets start with which version of the word your he used. Since he is saying you are, he should have spelled it you're. Also, as far as I can tell it is about the games. If you just had a ps3 with no games, it'd just be a blu-ray player. Luckily it has great games, like God of War III and Uncharted 2 though. Poor guy tried to do a nice article though.

Saigon3138d ago

but I think his point was to show how minimal some people arguments doing that he took 3 of the most popular topics fan-boys discuss and pointed fingers at each fan-boy and stated that their argument is mute...considerably I have to agree...

the use of power of a console, the power exclusive games of a console and sales of a console truly have no place in discussion boards...we should talk about enjoying a game for his/her console of choice...

I do admit that in the past it was never this bad...I never remember hearing about Sega vs Nintendo...the only thing I heard is you should get one or the other...These current fan wars are new to me and I didn't truly experience them until this generation...and on that...smh...

GiantEnemyCrab3138d ago

"My name is Don Mitchell, I game on the ps3"

Then he begins to inject his personal opinions and then has the nerve to call them facts.

I'm sure the guy on his second YLOD will completely agree with you.

Das_Bastardion3138d ago

Not as much as the guy with his FIFTH RROD

Greywulf3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

[/end of discussion]

Gec u getting GOW3?

EVILDEAD3603138d ago

I have an original and an Elite 360 that have NEVER had one issue since day one.

i have multiple friends that own PS3s that have had issues that needed repairs.

Thus from the silly logic in this article..The 360 is a better than the PS3 as a fact.

Yawn..just another case of a fanblogger trying to call out others with a looong blog because he can't do it on his account

Oldest trick in the F-boy book..

*returns to dinner and God of War 3*


Convas3138d ago

Same here. No issues with my Xbox besides getting the disc drive squashed during a House Party.

Seriously, drunk kids should stay the hell away from electronics. You step away for 15 seconds to talk to the blonde hottie and ...

boodybandit3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Ah no. The gaming media and poorly moderated sites and forums is the main reason for the deterioration of the industry!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Oh wait, I'm a contributor... click :)

Anon19743137d ago

I've never had diabetes, but I'd never be so arrogant as to claim that because I've never had it it's not an issue.

I'm on my 4th 360. To those of us who have had nothing but trouble since they bought their 360's I assure you it most certainly IS an ongoing issue despite your assertions that it's not because you've never had one. Microsoft didn't use their clever accounting practices to hide the ongoing cost of the rrod problem from their shareholders because there isn't an issue.

I have to agree with this article. The 360 could have the best games hands down but if it can't play them because the hardware keeps breaking down it really doesn't matter now, does it? I'm afraid to buy games on my 360 anymore because I just know the second I start buying games for it my 4th one (which was older than the console it replaced. Thanks for that, Microsoft) it'll die without a warranty. All I hope is that it makes it until Alan Wake and possible Halo Reach.

Aaroncls73137d ago

Fanboys are those who cannot own more than one console, FACT!

Console wars are boring, immature and a complete waste of time, FACT!

"Journalists" will write anything to attract attention, FACT!

Nintendo was cool once now it sucks bawlls, FACT!

Micro$oft pays for positive media exposure, FACT!

Sony (...insert something bad here can't of anything, srsly...) FACT!

Omegasyde3137d ago

Beats Beat Battlestar Galitica

tizack3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I think his point is simple. It doesn't matter how good a system is if it can't be relied upon to work consistently. It could produce Crysis level screens, but if there is a 33% chance it is going to fail within the next 6 months, you should be strongly discouraged from getting it... ANY other product in any other market would fail miserably if they experienced the equivalent of the RROD during their product lifetime. But its amazing what you can do when you have a limitless supply of wealth at your disposal to market something. Let me be a little descriptive of just what has happened. MS delivered the gaming community a steaming pile of dog crap and marketed it as the most amazing thing since sliced bread, and over 20 million americans actually ate it(coupled with another 15 million outside) and then when the consumers realized what they were eating, MS turns around and says hey man im sorry we accidentally gave you dog crap, here, we will give you another serving of it for free just to make up for it… and what do you know, they turn around and eat that second serving of crap as well…and the third and fourth and so on….

its literally shocking to watch them all scarf it down too… and then these consumers say, “hey cool people eat dog crap! over 20 million people have in the US alone, why arent you! dog crap is the best!! Look at sales Look at the numbers man!”

I'm sorry no matter how you dress up crap, its still crap, and those of you who went through more than 1 console should be ashamed especially knowing how incredibly unreliable the system is.

I think the author was trying to say this in a little less descriptive way...

Biggest3137d ago

darkride66, you won 7 virgins in heaven for that. There has never been a more on point counter-argument to the "But it never happened to me so it's not fact" crowd. I doubt my bubble offering will help you, but you have it either way.

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DelbertGrady3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The biggest fanboys claim subjective opinions as fact, and usually end their arguments with 'FACT!', as some sort of naive way of ensuring themselves that what they just stated cant be argued with.

My argument is ten times more true than yours.

-Well, my argument is more true than yours times infinite! FACT!

ChozenWoan3138d ago


I would bub ya, but I did that on another thread... FACT!!

Apocalypse Shadow3138d ago

if i were to say:

nintendo has made a massive amount of profit this gen by redesigning a gamecube and adding a new controller to play games differently.

is it fiction?the GB color is a portable NES.the GBA is just a portable SNES.the NDS is just a portable N64.the wii is just a gamecube.nintendo just gives you a new way of playing the same things they offered before.

the new super mario game is still mario.just a new way of playing it with friends.there's no fanboysim.just factual conclusions coming from observation.we also see nintendo becoming more arrogant.

microsoft abandoned the original xbox to gain a short lead and still are in second place this gen.they make gamers pay to play online.they offer you no choice but to buy high priced proprietary accessories.they pay for exclusive third party DLC to hurt another section of gamers.RROD is still not fixed.natal has still not been shown to be accurate or new games shown at GDC to developers making games.they ban consoles to gain new sales.

microsoft LEADS in ARROGANCE this gen.they spend more money marketing games than the creation of those games.

are these not factual statements?is there something we are missing here?

sony offered everything they thought you would need DAY ONE.yes it was h#lla expensive but worth it over time.bluray is great for movies and games.hdmi is not only good for 1080p,but for future 3D offers free online just like they did for 3D community.the system is reliable.they give you CHOICE on third party HDDS at a price that is fair.PS Move is shown working and not hiding behind closed doors.

sony has become less arrogant.they spend more money making the games than on the marketing of their games.

are these not facts too?is there somewhere in these statements that say "microsoft sucks?""nintendo sucks?"

NOPE.just facts that anyone with the internet can pull up on each company.who you choose to follow is up to you.but as a gamer,i choose newer technology that takes us beyond last gen.and i choose to not allow a company to gouge myself and other gamers out of their money on everything.

JOLLY13138d ago

Apoc...Actually, most of what you wrote was an opinion. Sorry bud.

GiantEnemyCrab3138d ago

@3.1: Spot on. And why these console wars are stupid. You spout your opinion over and over and someone else on the competing system does the same. Neither convince the other and it's basically fighting a losing battle and a war of words if anything.

ChozenWoan3138d ago

You just proved the point of this article.

Thanks and have a great day... I'm off to Olympus.

TehSuperCell3137d ago

"they make gamers pay to play online"
Fact? Lets say Johnny isnt a gamer. He is a casual. He plays LIVE.
I also pay LIVE. I dont mind 50 bucks a year. Not much. Im not poor nor cheap.

"they pay for exclusive third party DLC to hurt another section of gamers."
I wasnt hurt when the GTA DLC released on 360 first. I owned a PS3 only back then. btw, Batman DLC comes to mind.

"RROD is still not fixed."
My friend had his Xbox for about 2 years, and no RROD.

"natal has still not been shown to be accurate or new games shown at GDC to developers making games."

"they ban consoles to gain new sales."

"they offer you no choice but to buy high priced proprietary accessories"
You pretty much cancelled out this argument with your following sentence about the PS3:
"yes it was h#lla expensive but worth it over time"
Is that hypocrisy I am sensing? You basically pwnd yourself.

Will-UK3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

So if what you just said is true why did u always troll before and still have this 360 defence mentality, you are what we call a hypocrite.

You like calling people out but you do similar things when you argue your opinion.

It seems petty that when someone mentions RROD you have to mention YLOD even though one problem occurs much less.

working4games3137d ago

Though in the end, there's really little denying the comparison between a gaming pc and 360. Most of the library is the same except there is no fee for online play, the games are usually cheaper/look better, and the accessories are much more affordable. To me, the 360 is a poor man's gaming PC in disguise as a console and is single-handedly destroying PC gaming. Does that make that a fact? No. That is just my opinion.

Biggest3137d ago

Apocalypse Shadow listed many things in his comment. And the 2 posters directly below him first ignored them, then called them fiction. Can either of you, or anyone else for that matter, prove that they are fiction? Just give some indication that he is wrong by proving it. It's simple. Say something like. . . It isn't true that you have to pay to play online with the 360. You can do it for free. That is how easy it is.

cool cole3137d ago

Can you please just leave, please?

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BubbleSystemSuck3138d ago

So hilarious...

"Ey! if you arent a PS3 Fanboy... youre a fu$"#ng FANBOY!!! FACT"


Das_Bastardion3138d ago

The xbots seems to go apesh!t when any kind of PS3 news are posted.

I have a xbox, i love my xbox, but a kick in the nuts is more bearable than them.

xbots on this site are just motherfvcking retarded

Convas3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

You're the only people who are able to take objective critisism. Droidz aren't exactly Shining Saints from above. Last I checked they were human too, subject to prejudice and stupidity.

I'm an Xbox owner too. But I've been a Sony man all my life. I was very disappointed with the Smug-ass comments Kutaragi made about the PS3 when it was debuted, and I was also taken in by Halo.

So I got an Xbox. Of course, it didn't take long to see the problem with my beloved console (Even though I've never experienced any of them). I'm not afraid to admit that the 360 is a gimped product created out of greed (or necessity, if you want to call it that) to beat the competition. And now it's backfiring because the PS3 is making a solid run now and is looking to take over this generation.

But, be that as it may, it is STUPID to say that the 360 doesn't have it's strong points. Because it does. But the PS3 also has it's weak points. Fewer indeed than the 360, but they are still there.

But of course, I don't swear my allegiance to any console. I play GAMES. It doesn't matter what the console. And unfortunately, too many are stuck in their blind devotion to Savior [Insert Favorite Console Here] to take a moment and assess things objectively.

Oh and for the record, I'm not "motherfvcking retarded" AND you can see my Gamertag clearly in my Bio identifying me as an ACTUAL GAMER. Which is more than can be said for a Helluva lot of the Shadow gamers on this site, including you.

Omegasyde3137d ago

"But I've been a Sony man all my life. I was very disappointed with the Smug-ass comments Kutaragi made about the PS3 when it was debuted. So I got an Xbox."

So you bought a Xbox 360 because of that? Wow.

TOOL: Pronunciation: \ˈtül\ Function: noun. One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used.

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