GameSpot: Command & Conquer 4 Review

So no, this isn't the Command & Conquer you remember, though that isn't to say it isn't good. In fact, online play is rather fun when two equally matched teams are going at it, warring over those all-important towers and nabbing Tiberium crystals. It's a good-looking, nice-sounding game with the thick and colorful C&C attitude you hoped to see. Yet the limited focus and flabby campaign make Tiberian Twilight a disappointment nonetheless. This is a good game, but such a renowned and beloved character as Kane should have received a more explosive goodbye.

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Method3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Sounds about right. Once you've played the Starcraft 2 beta every other RTS you play afterward feels inferior.

bruddahmanmatt3164d ago

Note to Gamespot, stop putting your reviewers in your reviews. No one wants to see an out of shape d00d making uncomfortable and awkward gestures in front of a camera. We want to see the GAME.

HOSe3164d ago

c&c hasnt been relevant since the Yuris Revenge Expansion.

Revvin3164d ago

Command & Conquer ended with number three for me, this is not C&C. To make the final game of the series they tried to re-invent the wheel and failed.

jakethemuss3164d ago

Which could be a while since alot of new games are now $80 usd for New Zealanders.

Letros3164d ago

same here man, wait a couple months, they will patch the hell out of it and have a $25 steam deal.

Until then DoW2 takes the RTS crown...yea then SC2 will come hehe