Geek Out!: Two CNNers rate 'God of War III' - "God of War III" is officially out today, and scores of gamers are no doubt fighting fatigue after waiting in line last night to get their hands on this highly anticipated game. "GOW III" follows a warrior, Kratos, who has a serious beef with the ancient Greek gods. He battles zombie warriors, minotaurs, ogres and other mythological creatures on his way to exact revenge. And when he gets to the gods, "God of War III" gets really good.

Two of's resident gamers, Larry Frum and Dereyck Moore, have played the game and are raving about it.

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Lou Ferrigno3164d ago

haha ghost buttation is on a PMS rampage.

thats what happens when you get hemroids from wearing the same stained undies in one sitting for months trying hard to troll N4G. lol

i can smell your jealous tears from here

jhani3164d ago

And it was breathtaking! The scale of the game. If there will be another hack and slash game that is going to surpass this, it has to be an other god of war game! The graphics were..well fantastic.
Only some sections from uncharted 2 can match the graphics.

Not enough words to praise the game.

kingboy3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Me too and boy it's outstanding true to what we've' come to adore the series for in all its glory simply put into a single word "EPIC".Some parts of this game slightly over shadow uncharted 2 OMG!

lonix3164d ago

Fph&s first person hack and slash

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