Square Enix Interested In XBLA, Moving Into Other Genres

CC: Chief Executive of Square Enix North America, John Yamamoto has revealed that the developer and publisher is especially interested in the Xbox Live Arcade system. As well as hoping to move into other genres in the near future.

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gameseveryday3163d ago

I believe Square Enix are the only Japanese game developers who actually adore the Xbox 360.

mjolliffe3163d ago

They're aiming for the West, that's for sure :)

MajestieBeast3163d ago

well Micro$oft$ chequebook helps allot with that. Yeah but the only thing the west wants is final fantasy, cause the other square enix titles are pretty much trash Nier is gonna flop so badly.

SOAD3163d ago

Capcom and Itagaki also show interest.


That's right. Believe it or not, the developers and publishers actually try to make a living out of doing what they do. Can you believe that? Crazy, I know, but it seems they're not making games for charity anymore.

If Sony could handle its business in the $$$ department, then these major Japanese publishers wouldn't have made deals with Micro$oft.

Big, bad Microsoft, making PS3 fanboys resentful everywhere.

SpaceSquirrel3163d ago

I would like to see Einhander HD.

callahan093163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Let me rephrase myself here: What I mean to say is the it wouldn't make sense to me for Square-Enix to want to continue making 360 exclusives unless it was because MS is paying them to do it. Final Fantasy XIII sells very well on PS3, in fact better than any of their games ever have on the 360, so where is the business benefit of not making their games on PS3?

The people who are disagreeing with me are probably the same people that said Square-Enix was smart to go multiplatform with FFXIII. So if it wasn't smart for them to put FFXIII on PS3 but not 360, why would it be smart for them to put future games on 360 and not PS3? It's the same thing. They sell more if they put their games on both platforms. To ignore the PS3 seems illogical to me after FFXIII just performed better on PS3 than 360. Why would they want to ignore that market now that it's proven to exist?

jakethemuss3163d ago

So you support predatory business practises and the depowering of the consumer?

van-essa3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

So you support communism?
Yeah I can post random sh!t too.

"It's pretty clear from what I've seen that their games don't sell that well on the 360 and when they finally release a PS3 game, it sold like wildfire."

I can't tell if you're serious.

StanLee3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Do you know anything about capitalism?

@ jakethemuss

I think you're not very aware of what predatory business practices actually are. But then again, you're just an emotional fanboy aren't you? Please show me where you see a situation where any of these companies are engaging in such practices?

Godmars2903163d ago

Only when its in favor of *his* console.

jakethemuss3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

As it allows business through size and mergers to force others out of business. This gives them short term support from the consumers, but allowing in the long term to reap benefits from decreased competition. In the long term consumers if there were competition, consumers would vote against these companies, but without it they can't. Thus through law there are limits to capitalisim, to sustain its long term viability.

edit: this is a very quick and general overview, not going to write an essay on n4g, as no one will read it.

Edit: At the disagrees. Would you enjoy shopping at an unregulated monopoly in each business segement? Do you think Walmart, if it were the only retailer, would remain as cheap as it is?

Stanlee: I don't think Sony or Microsoft are currently conducting predatory business practices 'in the console market'. What I was commenting on was that Microsoft's chequebook left unchecked, could lead to this situation, as they have done before and that SOAD shouldn't support this, should it occur.

Also I like how you try to devalue my arguement, not with a superior understanding of the topic, but by questioning my understanding and trying to mitigate peoples opinion of me. This shows that lack an understanding and arguement on the subject.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3163d ago

What is Sony broke or did they spend it all buying Sega out? SE isn't the only Japanese dev/pub to give the 360 love, Capcom says hi.

StanLee3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

@ jakethemuss

You're arguing two very different things. I get what you're saying but it doesn't apply in this situation. Other console makers aren't put in a position to be less competitive in anyway. Companies assess priority to projects base on the projection of profitability. Microsoft has a business model that they pursue. Sony doesn't, not because it can't but because they choose not to. Rather than rely on 3rd party support, they choose to invest in internal development and first party support. Microsoft's check book has far less weight than perceived and underestimates the true reason for the interest of 3rd parties in Microsoft and the XBox 360. What has weight is the size of its install base, the size of its online community and the revenue this community generates. The insecurity of fanboys would have you believe it's something much more sinister and underhanded.

Tony-A3163d ago

SCEJ and SCEA have been disagreeing on things since the beginning of this generation. SCEA wanted to try bringing in some more casual games and SCEJ just kept ignoring. It's part of the reason why Phil Harrison supposedly left.

MS was probably trying to get the rebound in the US by catering to SE. That's probably some of the reason why FFXIII was exclusive in Japan but not the US.

Obviously SCEA and SCEJ do their own thing now. SCEJ sealed the exclusivity in Japan and SCEA couldn't give two sh*ts (they knew it would sell more on their platform, anyways). Instead, they bought out some developers. SCEA DOES seem to have more studios than SCEJ (Santa Monica, Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, etc), although in the end it comes together. Still, they just spend their money in different ways.

IdleLeeSiuLung3163d ago

I find it funny that people think MS will just send a check every single time.

The fact of the matter is that Xbox 360 has more users than PS3, so why not more than double your user base? It would be stupid to ignore the larger user base that tends to buy more games. Especially considering the 360's largest market is about the only one that is growing in the video game industry!

Especially considering that porting a game usually cost anywhere from 5%-20% of the total budget. It seems to me like SE is making a lot of sense business wise and only idiots are (or fanboys) complain about them.

D4RkNIKON3163d ago

Serious question..
What is the difference between XBLA and the PSN store? Are they not both digital distribution market places?

As far as I can tell PSN uses real money and for the time being XBLA uses MS point system that people aren't happy with (might change in the near future). What other differences are there? I don't have a 360 and I am curious.

Godmars2903163d ago

The only real difference is system architecture. The 360 is Windows based, and has tools that are Windows friendly. By contrast the PS3 uses Linux code.

Though when XBL/PSN first stared out, PSN has less memory/size restrictions because a HDD was standard. MS had to put a limit so a DDL title could fit on a memory card, that they lifted that long ago.

97gsx3163d ago

The xbox has like 5 square games now and the ps3 has one. Considering their huge fanbase in japan is being ignored. If micrososft isnt writing checks than they have the stupidest ceo's in the history of gaming.

Nevers3163d ago

$$$ > Fangirlz
um... that's a "greater than" sign for those who don't understand)

Bots and Phonies are low on the totem pole. Your opinions DO NOT matter. Call it the decline of consumer-power, but us interweb ranters ARE THE MINORITY of who buys games. You're stupid or handicapped not to understand that.

SE is NOT and NEVER WILL BE Pearl Jam... they are a business... a Japanese business at that. Let me spell this out in MORON for people. Corporations are businesses and their bottom-lines are based on money and NOT love.

/em shouts this from the nearest mountain.


Suck it ps3 fangirls, their interested on XLBA!

Hhmmmm wonder why they didnt say PSN?!!?

D4RkNIKON3163d ago

Wonder why you only have one bubble?

Nevers3163d ago

"What is the difference between XBLA and the PSN store? Are they not both digital distribution market places?" ~D4rkNIKKON

... aside from

"The only real difference is system architecture. The 360 is Windows based, and has tools that are Windows friendly. By contrast the PS3 uses Linux code." ~Godmars290

... which it technical jargon I'll readily admit I don't really understand the specifics of, but...

As a user of both PSN and XBL, the main difference I find is that XBL presents their library in (simply put) a better way. I find PSN to be alot of hassle for not much payout. I can't find anything easy via PSN whereas on XBL you can find the same thing in many different ways, and it's simple and makes sense.

Like for example: Demos

XBL - All demos are under a Demo tab and filed (new, most popular, ABC, etc) ... then there's a lil "link" to that game's other DLC which also has that same demo listed under the game's own tab along with everything else for the game (trailers, DLC, avatar junk, background, etc).

PSN - Demos are split between PSP and PS3 then you gotta go A-Z or travel the 120+ list and still miss it cuz the icon is crazy small. You want a video of that vidgame? Here's a torch, there's the basement... good luck! I find it clunky even tho it uses the basics of filing.

I've had a PSP for years and always hated the PSN... when XBL changed over I hated it initially but I've really gotten used to the interface and prefer it. I have never gotten used to the mess that is PSN. Feels like I really have to hunt things down in PSN and only to be disappointed with the selection.

One thing I really really REALLY HATE about XBL tho... cuz of this Zune marketplace BS, none of your movies you DL'd to your HDD are available unless you have connection to Zune. I mean... I bought the damn things and they are using space on my GD HDD... why the F can't I play a video, Microshaft??? Pisses me off to no end. If someone knows a work-a-round for that (excluding "DL it to your PS3") enlighten me... PLEASE... FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!

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ps360owner093163d ago

They are one of the few companies that are putting out jrpg's at a decent pace. Even though a lot of reviewers are giving their games mediocre reviews I have enjoyed all of their games on the consoles including their most recent one ff 13.

Square enix is still the best jrpg publisher/developer in my opinion.

jakethemuss3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Disgaea 3 was awesome.

Godmars2903163d ago

Still, they've yet to graduate from PS2 quality gaming.

Really hope they find a balance with Disgaea 4.

ps360owner093163d ago

But Nis isn't better in my opinion because they don't have the production values, artstyle etc of square enix games. Also Nis has a lot of strategy rpg games like Disgaea which I'm not a fan of. I'm one of the few people who prefer turn based rpgs to action rpgs but I enjoy both.

Godmars2903163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

As Squaresoft. Now that its S/E they've lost it.

Hell, do most people even know their first game was a racer on the NES?

lightningsax3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

It's a very different business model that goes with most of the big companies in gaming. Square decided not to just stay as a developer company, and acquire others in the hopes of generating some good profits while bolstering smaller companies' budgets for their games. Like EA, Bethesda, heck, even Konami and down the line to Kojima Productions.

It was awesome when Square could take their best team and put them on something completely out of the ordinary - for example, taking a big risk and putting a good chunk of the FFVII team on Einhander instead of churning out a similar sequel. However, in big-business gaming, especially in this global economy, risk is not a word you want to utter.

In these big money scenarios, it's in the best interest of the management to tell shareholders what they want to hear. Will a venture into Western XBLA games make them more money? Yes? Okay, then let's do that.

And yeah, as a gamer that experienced some awesome non-Final Fantasy stuff from Square in the PS1 era, I can't stand that. I really do wish they were a smaller company that produced a diverse field of great quality games with a set amount of people again... but that's not happening.

DelbertGrady3163d ago

Looking at all the quality games and content released on XBLA recently it's hard not to be interested :)

lightningsax3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

And every big digital distribution hub. If this was about quality, they'd just say they're releasing a 300-hour RPG to Steam with a graphical engine that puts Crysis 2 to shame - unplayable by any modern PC. Directed by Peter Jackson, written by Thomas Pynchon, music by Johann Sebastian Bach, risen from the grave by their mid-level executives.

But no, it's not about quality, it's about making a sustainable business out of digital distribution. There are a lot of people on XBLA in the cash-cow North American market, so marketing Western-tilted games there would probably work.

Capcom does it best in my opinion. Even if one of their digitally distributed games reaches one console before another, they wind up just about everywhere, and they usually work well no matter what.

Godmars2903163d ago

If you're talking about the quality of S/E games on XBLA, the two they've done, that's not saying much.

Also considering what they plan on doing to Front Mission, making it into another shooter when they could/should have simply put it on XBL/PSN as a TBS or even RTS, that's saying less.

DelbertGrady3163d ago

Why are you acting so defensive?

I'm just expressing my appreciation for XBLA.

Games like PB Winterbottom, Toy Soldiers, Greed Corp, Darwinia X, upcoming Perfect Dark and many more.
Currently replaying Shadow Complex which is my favorite XBLA game alongside Defense Grid and Castle Crashers.

Love the Blur multiplayer beta as well and I can't wait to try out the Splinter Cell demo.

wissam3163d ago

What's up with these guys?

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