GamingTrend: Metro 2033 (360) Review

In 2002, Dmitry A. Glukhovsky wrote a novel called Metro 2033. The novel tells the story of a dystopian Earth over 20 years after a nuclear strike against Russia pushes survivors down into the dark tunnels of the Metro railways. A young man named Artyom is the center of the story – he has never left the security of the tunnels and knows nothing of mankind before the world was shattered by nuclear war. Deep in the heart of the subways beneath the once powerful city of Moscow, a new war is brewing. Mutant creatures have begun to infest the tunnels, making the struggle for survival even harder. As the Dark Ones begin their siege upon the various cities of the Metro, the task falls to young Artyom to go to the city of Polis to warn their citizens of the upcoming invasion. It is here that our story begins.

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Michael-Jackson3141d ago

Bad editing or stealth flop in disguise, seriously...