Sony: Lots of SCE Studios Working On 3D PS3 Games

Technology that portrays 2D images as 3D has been around since 1832 in some shape or form. Today, 3D appears to be back on the upswing in film and games, thanks to new technologies.

Sony is the game console maker putting the most emphasis on 3D. The company has been showing off sample 3D games at event such as this year's CES and most recently, last week's Game Developers Conference.

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ColossiSlayer3164d ago

Will be a 60in 3D capable Sony Bravia NX800 when they drop, or whatever the better TV will be at the time for the money, Avatar The Movie on Bluray will be amazing in 1080p let alone 3D.

yoghurt3164d ago

Whats great is the first prices we have seen for 3dtv's were very reasonable, in fact less than what I paid for my hdtv a couple of years ago - so this could really bring 3dtv in to peoples homes quicker than we think

sikbeta3164d ago

Excellent News, 3D Gaming will be Awesome

sstrfgcv3164d ago

next tv i get will be 3d for sure but i'm not rushing out to get one as yet till i see the content available for them,but avatar will be awwesome.
I would love to see all 6 star wars movies in 3d.

gta28003164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

3D+Move,will=Awesome! make it happen Sony!

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