Pocket-Lint: MAG Review

Pocket-Lint writes: "We've all seen a number of different multiplayer games that see you battle it out against other people across the planet, with the sole purpose of you losing the weekend to the console being that you can brag about fragging x number of people come Monday morning.

What's wrong with that? Well if you haven't played MAG yet, the problem with your sorry-arsed story is that up until now you've only been able to prove yourself against a handful of soldiers: MAG lets you play in battles of 256-people strong."

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MysticStrummer3142d ago

to say there is no way to recover health is inaccurate since everyone starts the game with a first aid kit that they can use to heal themselves. Spending points on the medical kit allows you to heal other players and spending points on the resuscitation skill allows you to revive incapacitated players. Also, you can in fact pick up guns from downed enemies. Otherwise, it's a good review with an a reasonable score. I personally would give the game something like an 8.5, but I have no problem with a score of 8.

ivant3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

MAG is a highly underrated game. Greatgame unless you're with a lot of noobs and lone wolves.

It deserves a sequel. In fact, it should become a Ps3 franchise MP staple, with yearly releases with noticeable improvements - like CoD was with WW2 shooters with a different developer each year.