PerezStart Reviews: Perfect Dark

PerezStart writes, "Back in the year 2000, Nintendo published a title from Rare, developers of Goldeneye 007, that became the staple of FPS games from then on. Nowadays, an FPS game on console has become the norm, but back in 2000, the genre reigned supreme on PC. Goldeneye 007 was a very good first attempt, but it wasn't until Perfect Dark's release that we could see how fun an FPS could play on a console with its original and lengthy campaign, and insane amount of customization in its multiplayer mode.

After years of speculation, Perfect Dark has finally returned to this current generation of consoles on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. The question is: Can a game that was released 10 years ago still be fun?"

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-MD-3165d ago

I don't think the game has gotten anything below an 8, solid reviews all around.