Halo 4 On Xbox 720?

Some people know more than others, and apparently the good folks of Xbox Official Magazine keep using Halo 4 and Xbox 720 in the same line time and time again, do they know something we don't? Is Natal but just a path leading up to the unveiling of Xbox 720?

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Sonyslave33165d ago

Is Move just a path leading up to the unveiling of Ps3?

movements3165d ago

When the next gen of consoles come around, it'll be nothing but awesomeness!

I hope Bungie get to develop Halo 4 though...

I'm not sure there's another studio out there that would do the game justice~


darkmurder3165d ago

I sure as hell hope there's a new Xbox coming, Natal = poo and the 360 has been maxed out. PC's need some competition's to benchmark your holding us behind!

FishCake9T43165d ago

If tehy had Halo 4 as a release game the console would sell like hot cakes.

Mikefizzled3165d ago

I like it how you've basically admitted with your name your a fan-boy, however you report this for being lame however your an actual idiot. PS3 (piece'a'sh*t 3) has been out for ages. But you still look at this article.

movements3165d ago

I wouldn't mind an Xbox 720 either.