Gran Turismo 5 v. Forza 3 Screenshot Comparison

AOTF: The upcoming Gran Turismo 5 has been long awaited and heavily debated as the best full service racer in the field. Known for it's great attention to the smallest details Gran Turismo 5 is slated to be the number one selling racing game of all time. Microsoft's answer to the Gran Turismo series, Forza 3 isn't too shabby themselves when it comes down to the little things that make a racer authentic. Here are some screenshots to compare. All images show Forza on top and Gran Turismo below, or do they? We mixed up a couple to see if you could tell the difference. Answers at bottom.

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TotalPS3Fanboy3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Alrite, we get it. GT5 is King.

No need to rub it all over the faces of 360 gamers every freaking time. 360 gamers are not going to accept it, no matter how hard we rub it in their faces. We will just have to accept that they can not accept the reality of the world and that maybe some of them even have created a distorted view of the world in their mind to live in.

Hanif-8763136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Most of Forza 3 pictures are CG and not in-game assets because thats not the Forza 3 i have lol

This one is from the Ferrari Italia trailer, definitely not in-game!

I'm sure any one thats not a complete retard can figure out that this isn't in-game. Note: you simply couldn't drive like this now could you!

It just goes to show you what a breakthrough Gran Turismo 5 really is, it looks better than Forza 3 Computer Generated Image!

RadientFlux3136d ago

"...created a distorted view of the world in their mind to live in."

That is rich coming from a fanboy that has proven that he also has distorted view of world. As for the article I'm not debating which game has better graphics, as I don't really care.

I just love it when disillusioned fanboys think there better then other fanboys.

GiantEnemyCrab3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Forza looks great right next to GT and it only took them 1/2 the time to do it. I wonder what Forza would look like if Turn 10 took 4+ years to make it?

@below: I agree. The once a year franchise stuff needs to die. Forza is on a 2 year cycle which I think works alright.

Dust: No, I'm saying that Turn 10 has managed to add this level of polish within a 2 year cycle and I wonder what they would be able to do with a 4. Are you saying the long dev cycle hasn't helped the graphics or the physics/damage? Just look at the difference between Prologue and the latest builds.

nycredude3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )


You know that would never happen cause then they couldn't milk the franchise the way they love to. IMo i think it would be best if we got a new iteration of the same racing game every year, just like sports games, NOT!

ThanatosDMC3136d ago

Try not to laugh too much.

dustgavin3136d ago

Are you trying to say GT5 only looks better because they have taken longer to work on it? Why would they want to rush Forza 3 out the door if they could have made it a better game? That does not add up at all.

Bordel_19003136d ago

This comparison really favors Forza 3 because most shots are not in-game. In-game shots really show a BIG difference. GT-5 just kills Forza in in-game gfx.

TotalPS3Fanboy3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

"That is rich coming from a fanboy that has proven that he also has distorted view of world."

The world can assure you that GT5 being better than Forza 3 is no illusion.

"I just love it when disillusioned fanboys think there better then other fanboys."

There's a clear line between being passionate and being disillusioned.

Being passionate = fanboy.
Being disillusioned = people who think Forza 3 is better than GT5 and try to pass that as the truth, and not an opinion.

GT5: 1080P, 60 FPS, 16 cars per track, dynamic damage with real physics, more polygons per car, night racing, weather, nascar, wrc

Forza 3: 720P, 30 FPS, 8 cars per track, static damage with replaced models, less polygons per car, no night racing, no weather, no nascar, no wrc

Clearly, the evidence supports that GT5 is King. There is no disillusion about that. There is also no statement saying I am better than other fanboys.

However, you seem to be seeing things that I did not wrote...

UnwanteDreamz3136d ago

Well if they took that long it might look like the definitive racer this gen instead of a game that can't even use in game shots to compare to the real deal.

I know you want GT5 real bad. I do too.

corneliuscrust3136d ago

looks great! Has a much more flexible engine too (night racing, etc)! It does have a graphics edge and the realism is wild! (from the demo impressions i got)

Forza3 has the feel down PAT. They got so much right with the way forza3 feels that it is just a blast to play. The customization is second to none. The livery editor can product some incredible art! The storefronts and auction house give a fantastic sense of community and there is so much DLC content it's silly. The multiplayer is also a riot with modes like Tag/Virus/Cat n mouse etc.

Which one is better? Depends on what you want out of a racing game. Pure graphics arent even close to the whole story.

Will I own both? You bet.

Will I continue to play Forza3 after GT5s release? Long after.

GT5 looks like it's shaping up to take over where GT3 left off (a VERY good thing) but Forza is no slouch by any means.

Anyone that says one game is/will be blowing the other completely out of the water has lost all sense of objectivity. Both games offer incredible experiences and if youre a fan of RACING, I suggest playing both.

Cold 20003136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Ouf!! GT5 looks better.

Thats the least you can expect when you know they've working on it since 2005 and that its coming out 1 year after Forza 3.

edit: the difference isnt that big actually. GT5 just looks slightly more realistic.

thewhoopimen3136d ago

How do you you even do a fair comparison when shots in this article are at 512 x 387??? At that resolution even GT4 would look comparable.

This article fails.

UnwanteDreamz3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Like I said fankids don't communicate, like monkeys, they just throw sh*t.

So Cold how are you today? Don't forget to wash your hands after you're done.

presto7173136d ago

What was the point of this. I mean we all know forza is a joke so why keep reminding us?

Greywulf3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Unlike GT..Forza swaps out models all the time. And you'd be lying to yourself if you pretend that GT's screenshots look nothing like the in-game product.

1x. For replay
1x. For In-Game
1x. For the cameras that pan around the car before a game.
1x. For Photo's

So you're seeing detail you'll never see in game, unlike the coxkpit screenshot of GT5p. The funniest thing here, is that you can't even take screenshots of Forza from the coxkpit view, It was 1 of 1000 things Turn10 lied about when it came to the game. You can visit forzacentral to see the rest.

GT add's AA and another pass of motion blur for replays. Forza switches out the cars.. Its not like GT adds lighting and paint reflections only at replay time, it actually looks that good as you're driving.

Another thing, Forza has to run 8 cars in 720p and it can't even keep the model resolution the same. Your whole Time = Graphics argument goes out of the window as well. Alan Wake isn't raising any graphical bars anytime soon...

Turn10 could care less about the product they made, they just wanted a check and rushed out a product with incorrect vehicles and impossible transmission swaps.

And without Private racing...

This really could go on forever... The game doesn't have animated brakes/spoilers, or detailed drivers, or night.. or.. anything that raises it beyond the ground Forza2 broke. Forza3 actually lost features from F2.GT5 took this long, and it looks photoreal. No 360 product can boast that. We will just have to wait for some multipaltform engine to show off the 360, like everyones been waiting for.. for about 5 years. That argument is dead, Alan Wake definitely killed it.

Forza is pretty much for bored Halo fans that want to pretend they are car enthusiasts. Which is why the sales were so terrible for such a huge community.

People always excuse sandbox games for having lesser graphics because of the scale, but GT has a bigger scale & higher resolution while looking better. But thats because PD wants to make the best game they can, not just the fastest release, it shows.

corneliuscrust3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

your fanboy is showing.

both games bring a LOT to the table.

Dacapn3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Not as bad as the GOWIII vs Dante article, but on par with the KZ2 vs Reach article. CG vs in-game? What's hilarious is that GT5 still beats forza's CG! So ya, I'd say those extra 3 yrs spent development has paid off lol

Lemme fix this for you:

edit: the difference isnt that big actually. GT5 just looks slightly more realistic...than Forza's CG

corneliuscrust3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

If that's what you mean by CG. Both are real time.

The amount of misinformation here is staggering :(

It's like because they add more detail to the replays it's a crime or something. It's not even pre-rendered using the in game engine (a la kz2, gow3, uc2 etc) it's real time.

Forza runs at 60fps. (30fps is in replays) The damage is fully part of the simulation (you can even damage the gearbox by grinding the gears when you race with a clutch...and if you have a fanatec wheel: full analog clutch) your tires wear down, heat up (you can check the temp of your tires at any time) you can lose your spoiler/aero which affects the simulation as you would expect. There is a LOT going on in the sim behind the scenes (and the physics are calculated at 320FPS.)

Like i said, GT5 DEFINITELY has a graphics edge and the engine is much more flexible. But this does NOT mean that forza3 is a weak competitor. They did a great job on Forza3 if you actually make the effort to play both games rather than perpetuating the misinformation that floats around here so readily.

ProjectVulcan3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

GT isnt hard to pick mainly because its lighting engine is absolutely mind blowingly realistic, cars shine and glow as the light strikes the paintwork. Its practically spot on to a real life photo on exterior shots, forza 3 looks very flat, matte almost by comparison.

beans3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

GT5 should look much better than Forza 3 which is doesn't. Ashame all the praise poly gets when they can barely out do the new kid on the block in certain areas.

edit vulcan: In a way I think GT5 fans should be praising Forza because it does appear as if it's pressure has put Poly in focus mode to really be better at what they do. If both games would have released months ago then Forza3 hands down would of taken the visuals crown. Smart move on Polyphony's part to take there time and release a better looking game.

ProjectVulcan3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Maybe beans but then its easy to forget GT is doing this while pushing 50 percent more pixels than forza 3. If polyphony had chosen to design this at the same resolution as Forza 3 then its obvious it would have looked further superior to Forza 3 with low resolution screens, but as it is they chose to shoot even higher than 720P. Well done polyphony IMO and that extra res will pay off in image quality for owners of 1080P screens :-)

soxfan20053136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Too bad PD lied about GT5 being ready to release "any day now" last sunmmer. Had GT5 & Forza 3 been released at the same time, that would have made for a more accurate comparison.

Releasing a full year after your competition, then bragging about how much better it looks, or how many more features it has, is just plain ridiculuos. It's like Toyota bragging about a 2010 model car by comparing it to Honda's 2009 model.

Sure, Turn 10 could have taken longer to develop Forza, but that can be said about any game. In 2010, they could say "let's wait until 2011 so we can add more features". In 2011, they can say "let's wait until 2012 so we can add even more features". At some point, you have to stop and release the game. Forza 3's commercial & critical success speaks for itself.

Information Minister3136d ago

@ soxfan - I think what PD meant with "any day now" was that they could have released the game a long time ago, but with less features. Than they could bring out the rest as (paid) DLC.

I don't understand how some people can criticize developers for releasing DLC that should be (or in some cases already is) on disc, and then criticize other developers for taking their time and making sure we get the best product possible. Hypocrite much?

Greywulf3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Turn10 lied about game... "ingame" graphics which were just a flat out lie (SEE My Earlier Posts), views that customers couldn't take photos of (interior), no private racing etc. Its just Forza2 with a coxkpit view and tireflex with less features. I wonder, whats the bigger problem, Lying about a game, or making a comment about a release window?

And does bragging about a game like Alan wWake taking 5 years to create take away from it?(Although it looks underwhelming by ps3 standards) Its hyped by you guys as the second coming. So by your logic, you can't talk about it, since it should look good taking that long? Please. Thats the most moronic logic i've ever heard.You guys shoot yourselves in the foot all the time. Its tragic. Every PS3 game is bigger and better than multiplatform/360 releases. Look at MLB010 vs 2k. Nevermind, ANYTHING. Its not just because it takes longer, its because there is an actual direction to drive new technology, and make a great product while doing so.

GT's feature list was out before forza3 was ever released. GT was always going to be the bigger game because PD actually tries to raise the bar, unlike Turn10 who just polished a storefront from F2, and are rushing through 400 cars inaccurately. (Wrong gauges, wrong transmissions). Its also on Bluray, and GT enthusiasts actually respect all forms of racing, which is why its not found in Forza. Forza is about that need for speed crowd who thinks the most expensive car, is the best.. GT is for people that can actually appreciate driving their OWN 1999 honda civic. Its kinda why the franchise has always been worth the wait, and why Gran Turismo is still the only word in console simulations.

Gran Turismo Prologue still LOOKS better than Forza3's in game shots Soxfan. Whats the excuse about that? And it runs in a higher res, with more cars.. GT5 is just that much better than the bar that GT5p already raised, Forza3 didn't raise a bar for anything that F2 didn't already raise.

Try again. So what is it, can you guys Hype Alan Wakes ZOMG flashlight visuals since its taking a decade to make? Or not? THe excuse is it SHOULD be better right? But why do all other PS3 games walk all over 360 games, like Uncharted2.. which took less time than Alan Wake, and has online?

I want to see you try to get out of this logically. Don't be a fanboy. Either you accept that GT5 is just a good product because the time is actually being spent to make it a good product, or you just blame it on the timeline, while ignoring Killzone2(3.5 years) and Uncharted1 AND 2. Lets also ignore that GT5 is literally DOUBLE the game forza is, including resolution & car lineup. Forza has what? 7 cars on the grid? And only 720p?

Choice is yours, you're going to own yourself any way you cut it. But God do I want to see it. I'd LOVE it.


Yeah my fanboy is showing, but you sure as hell can't discredit anything im saying, because its the truth as admitted to by Che from Turn10 games @ neogaf. He got busted lying about screenshots that where the same as gameplay. Its easy to just call me a fanboy and ignore that, but its just as easy for me to say "damn they really are in denial about it."

The point is that you're comparing BS screenshots, with GT's replay. Gt's replay is actual in-game cars, that you can see when you're playing the game. Unlike Forza3.

Call that whatever you will. me being a fanboy, or you being in denial. But I still know Pausing GT5p to this day makes better images in higher resolution w/more vehicles on the road than Forza ever could as a franchise.

Forza3 is a good franchise, but it doesn't compare to GT, just as Need For Speed doesn't. their focus is on exotics and low polygon cars. GT is trying to perfect the driving experience of all vehicles on a console. The sooner everyone realizes that the better. If Forza3 was comparable..

more people would have bought it with the "32 million" 360's floating out there. The Audience isn't there, because they are waiting for GT. As they always have. Since its actually worth the wait, because it has over-the-top features & a second to none presentation.

Biggest3135d ago

Greywulf spelled it out piece by piece. If someone else can refute ANY of that, by all means do so. I do wonder about whoever said they were all ingame screen shots of Forza. What part of the game do you peek your head into the backseat of the car, but not get in the car, and then take a picture?

corneliuscrust3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

youre running around in circles dude. Yes, as I've said twice before, GT5 has the graphical edge and a more flexible engine.

But when you put on your fanboy goggles and make claims like PD is the one innovating while T10 has done nothing, you lose objectivity. T10 put TONS of features into forza3.

Customization alone and parts catalog is INSANE. There is a LOT you can do to your car that the GT series never came close to touching. The entire auction house/storefront system offers quite a lot to do and it makes the money you earn in game mean that much more than it otherwise would.

The rewind feature that appears in Forza3 might even make it into GT5

The point is: NO MATTER HOW YOU CUT IT, GT5 will be an amazing piece of tech. Eye candy with tons and tons of features. I'm not debating that. But one product being good DOES NOT mean another becomes terrible. There are TONS of features T10 put into Forza3 that makes it the incredibly fun to play, easily accessible, yet complicated enough for the vets, game that it is.

PD is doing a great job with the upcoming long awaited PS3 GT installment... but that doesnt mean that T10 didnt do a great job squeezing what they did out of dated hardware like the 360s. They made a great game that really looks great. Did they put as much attention to detail in as PD is putting in GT5? No, it doesnt seem that way from where I'm standing (but I wasnt a member of either dev team...sounds like a lot of people here were though.) It is STILL a great game enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Just because Forza3 isnt a shining example of the absolute bleeding edge in tech and game engines doesnt take away from the fact that they made an incredible game. I'm definitely glad they did what they did because I LOVE customizing my cars, I love dropping in new engines and tweaking the drivetrain. (using REAL parts from manufacturers I actually know) I love being able to buy setups and cars from other players and see the crazy artwork that people are putting up. I love checking out the pictures and replays posted and seeing the gorgeous (and sometimes hilarious) shots people pull out of the photo editor.
(just some ones i found that i liked...not saying it's better than what GT5 can/will be able to do)

Most of all I love the fact that I get 2 AMAZING racing games to play the hell out of. That's what matters.

[email protected] below: dude? I DO think GT is a great racing series. There's a reason it got where it is. I just think there's a place for both games for those that own both consoles. I don't think there's a "winner" because both have features the other doesn't. Some kids here just wont rest unless every living soul bows before the mighty GT5... but that's not enough either; they have to bash the hell out of any other racing games just to make's sad times.

Biggest3135d ago

I don't understand you, dude. Why can't you just say that GT is a great racing series? You continuously try to give an underhanded compliment to a game that is vastly superior. Gran Turismo is eye candy? It's a great tech engine? How about this one. . . Gran Turismo is the greatest racing simulator ever made. It looks better than any other racing simulator. It plays better than any racing simulator. It sounds better than any racing simulator. It is more accurate than any racing simulator. It is better than any other racing simulator. Forza 3 is a great game. That is the complete truth.

soxfan20053135d ago

I've grown tired of going back and forth with you on this, but since I had to go to work earlier after I posted, I'll at least respond to some of your points.

1) Forza 3 looks better that GT5P. I know you'll never believe it, but it does. I've played both, and it's the truth. It doesn't really matter anyway, because both games are so far ahead of other driving games. Plus, there is virtually NO difference between native 1080p and 720p upscaled to 1080p as Forza 3 is. If you can tell the difference, you must be one of about seven people in the world who can.

2) I laugh at how you consider Forza 3 "rushed" because it took 2 years to develop. Uncharted 2 took 2 years also, as did Resistance 2 & Ratchet & Clank. Just because PD takes 5 years doesn't make 5 years the standard.

3) It makes NO difference whether or not Turn 10 "lied" about pre-release screenshots. The fact is Forza 3 ACTUALLY EXISTS. Anyone who wants to see what it really looks like can simply play it.

4) You say GT5's feature list was released before Forza 3 was released. Who cares? A "feature list" is just words without an actual game on the market that contains those features. Anybody can make a features list. Until an actual game is released, GT5 is the textbook definition of VAPORWARE.

5) I do drive my 1997 Honda Civic, and my 1987 Mustang in Forza 3. Plus, because of Forza's extensive painting options, I can make them look exactly like my real cars.

Own myself? You've been owning yourself for months by simply refusing to acknowledge how good the Forza games really are. But hey, there's always the posibility that you are right, and EVERYONE else is wrong.

tomford163135d ago

You mean the one they stole from Code Masters? I'm pretty sure Gird and Dirt were the first racing games with the rewind. So unless I'm wrong don't credit turn 10 with those ideas

vhero3135d ago

Wow the differnce is astonishing some of them GT5 shots look like real life its scary however how many times do people need to bang this drum??

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math3136d ago

I actually thought they looked pretty close to one another.

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AAACE53136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

You can't say anything like that on N4G, especially in a comparison test! They will rip you apart here!

dustgavin3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Well, Forza 3 looks good but does not compare to the quality of GT5.

Some people just choose to ignore facts.

sikbeta3136d ago

First, Crysis 2 vs KZ2 Comparison and Now Forza3 vs GT5 Comparison, People Understand that theses Comparisons only Make the PS3 Games more Awesome, I mean, what they're Comparing Forza3 vs GT5 [Prologue] which is Only a Demo and Looks Awesome, Lets Wait For The Real Driving Simulator....

kancerkid3135d ago

Wait, since when did graphics make a racing game?

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Blackcanary3136d ago

Uses head tracking with the Playstation Move i can't wait.

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Crazyhorse3136d ago

You cn tell easy which is Gran Turisme its the ones that look better.