100° Blur Beta Impressions "Blur is the latest game being developed by Bizarre Creations, the team behind the Project Gotham Racing games, but unlike Project Gotham, Blur has Mario-Kart style power-ups to keep races interesting and very different from traditional racing games. "

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bruddahmanmatt3163d ago

That would be ModNation Racers. Blur looks lame. From what I've seen, Split/Second seems to be the better game.

Kyll3163d ago

Man, I can't wait for this game, after not liking the last couple racing games I got

Hardedge3163d ago

It's either this or Split Second..hmm maybe I'll just get both.

Comeplaywithme3163d ago

I have an ps3 but somehow got into the 360 beta. Someone wanna make a deal?

If not I may just be nice and give it away.

HungPHAT3163d ago

Love it ! My buy for me getting this and Split second on PS3 !

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