How short is TOO short for a video game?

GamesRadar: A lot of people are complaining about the length of God of War 3, claiming it takes 8 hours to finish. We reckon it takes between 10-12 depending on the difficulty setting, but it's definitely somewhere around there.

Considering the game is clearly a triple-A release, these complaints arguably say more about what people expect for their money than they do for the quality of the gameplay.

So tell us - how much game do you expect for your £40/$50? We've put together a short list of games to help you decide at which point you'd be happy with your purchase:

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LordMarius3142d ago

Suddenly this becomes an issue, God of War 3 must be a PS3 exclusive

lociefer3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Why is every1 makin a big fckin deal about this, god, if u hate the ps3 so much go back to ur stupid gaylo, and i dont mean gamesradar, they mean good

Eric Cartman3142d ago

Comparing an RPG with an action game isn't a very wise thing to do. I'm 10 hours into FF13 now. It took me just over 11 hours to beat GoW3. I couldn't put the controller down during GoW3 while for FF13, I'm just using the analog stick and X button most of the time. I even beat a boss while I was talking on the phone. Just run into a monster and press X until the battle is over, do the same again until you get into a cutscene only to be annoyed by Vanille, repeat the same process.

I'm not saying FF13 is a bad game, but the only reason RPGs like Pokemon and FF13 are longer than Modern Warfare and GoW is because you spend most of the time fighting enemies which is a repetitious process as well as exploration, which, in most cases, is hardly fun. It can be fun in some cases like in the Pokemon games or when you want to level up in an RPG to beat some Omega Weapon or something.

I'll take a short, but polished and detailed game over a long, boring one.



Natsu X FairyTail3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

No . Short games always have been an issue dude.

People were pissed at MW2 campaign mode being Really short.People complained about ODST's Story mode Aswell and they submited alot of Articles about those issues back when the games were just released.

And wasnt you guys Poking fun at SplinterCell conviction , a game which isnt even out yet , for it's story mode lasting around 8-12hours Depending on the difficulty level you pick? Even though Conviction offers a Seperate Co-Op Compaign and Other Multiplayer Modes.

Short Term memory Ass mofos . Hypocrisy at it's best.

nycredude3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )


Ps3 hater here talking about Hypocrisy? Come on man.

Using MW2 to compare to GOW 3? I hope you are joking. Quality wise they are not in the same league! And ODST? MW2 and ODST are at BEST 5 to 6 hours long and in the case of MW2 the mp is shiat and broken.

Let's take an average of 10 hours long for GOW3 (I know for a fact it will take me at least 12 hours, it is still double MW2 and ODST length. Matter of fact it is longer than both combined! ODST was the same mp as halo 3!

I also don't remember this many articles about those games being short so please spare us the spin. It is getting more and more obvious what is going on with the media regarding exclusives, especially Sony. It is the American way of doing business, and it's called smear campaign and deception, two commonly used tactics in the political world which should have no place in gaming.

If you can't read the writing on the wall then I don't know what you are smoking, but please puff puff pass.

Sorry about the rant. N4g is making me ALMOST wishing we could go back to the days when internet was in it's infancy and it was not so obvious how stupid people (in general) really are.

Edit: Since you bring up Splinter Cell Conviction. The problem I have with it, and the reason why i most likely won't buy it even though I was excited about it, is it is very coop and mp heavy which would mean you are forced to pay for live to get the full experience that you ALREADY paid for when you bought the game for $65! That is total BS!

Rockox3142d ago

I've got no problem paying $60 for an 8-hour game. If I need to justify my spending, I just figure it's $7.50 per hour. That's way less than a movie rental or a night out at the movies. If a game is longer than 8 hours (and if you include any multiplayer), then it's just gravy.

bacon133142d ago

The only people complaining about GoW3 are those that can't play it. All others will have a huge 10-12 hour s*** eating grin on their faces.

ThanatosDMC3142d ago

I say it depends on price. If it's a $5 game, i dont mind if it's a couple of hours long, but if it's a $65 game, then they had better make it worthy of that $65.

ChozenWoan3142d ago

If I was playing ODST or MW2 I'd be done, yet those games get nothing but praise. GoW3 is the most OLYMPIC game I've played in my 30years of gaming... and I've still got 4-10 more hours to go before I even go for the harder settings.

I'm just glad the game isn't in 3D, then I'd have to sue Kratos for beating me up. ;)

Pennywise3142d ago

Well truth is, not one entire 360 game comes close to even the first 10 minutes of GOW.

Darkeyes3142d ago

I completed GOW3 just a shy above 11 hours which is longer than GOW1 and 2. Not to mention I will have a shot at it again in the hardest difficulty setting and will probably play it 3-4 more times, so in short I will easily play it more than 40-50 hours which is great news.. I usually exchange only single player games, but in this case I am gonna make an exception as it's really Epic....

IMO for an only Single player game, the game should be anywhere between 8-XX hours.. I won't mind shelling 60$ if something is really as great as GOW3 even if it's 6 hours long. But then again, games like MW2 and ODST which hardly last for 5 hours are the ones I think rip off people.

UnwanteDreamz3142d ago

It only takes 8 hrs if you are an idiot who can't read. The game doesn't record cutscenes as part of your playthrough.

The fankids are like little monkeys in the zoo. They can't communicate so they throw feces at everyone.

Greywulf3142d ago


I just hate when theres absolutely no 360 news to talk about until the end of the year, like every year. The rest of the time is just dedicated to hating anything and all things PS3, while giving the 360 passes for everything.

This is always going to happen, because theres always actually something to talk about for PS3 titles.

GrieverSoul3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

This is just unbelievable!!!
How can someone say the media isnt biased towards the PS3 when bad press comes about when a SONY exclusive comes toward release date?!

Heavy Rain = QTE fest!
FFXIII PS3´s version superior = Its all about gameplay, forget the looks... Hey X360 Bayonetta kicks PS3 version´s A**!!
Yakuza = Its too much japanese fanfare.

The media has always something to downplay a PS3 exclusive! Cmon guys, its ridiculous! Metro 2033 isnt getting any stellar reviews and no one is bashing the game. I, for once, would like it on the PS3!

An 8 hours game is a good 8 hours spent when you´re having fun! This is just an example, no dissing, Assassins Creed 2 lasted me about 20 hours of doing the same repetitive actions! The story unfolded very slowly during the 15 first hours. Then it climaxed! I rather spend 8 hours having fun and have variety in my gameplay than spend 20 hours doing the same repetitive actions.

2 cents...

-Alpha3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

and suddenly you forget about ODST, MW2, and numerous other games PS3 fans like yourself complained about?

Stop trying to play victim buddy, short games have always been problematic.

I don't like short games because I spend lots of money on new games. That's the only problem for me.

Quantity =/= quality and short games tend to be tighter paced and have better replay value. I've always ignored short games because of length in relation to price, not because I think they are of poor quality.

And since when does this website constitute for "the media"? When games like MW2 and ODST were ripped on for length nobody claimed the media was biased. PS3 fans get so butthurt over a criticism that they are so insecure about ruining the image of one of their products. Calling media bias is just a cop out. Address the damn issue and stop being hypocritical about it. Bring up VALID LOGICAL counter arguments instead of using fallacious childish reasoning. For example, did the guy who completed the game play on easy mode? Did he try to do a speed run?

And regarding God of War 3: http://www.playstationunive...

Even PS3 websites are pointing out the length of the game, so the sudden hypocrisy of blaming the "360-biased media" is nonsense.

The assumption everyone is afraid of is that short game= bad game, and I have no idea why people are thinking that. PS3 fans have gotten so arrogant that they EXPECT perfect scores and they aren't able to take any form of criticism. On one hand they complain that the media is 360 biased and yet they aren't willing for open-criticism and open mindedness because they are so sensitive about a single negative point made. Talk about hypocrisy.

I love how people suddenly think pointing out the concern of being short is made by a biased media aiming to hurt the game, yet MW2 and ODST and numerous other games that people have made articles about here on N4G are suddenly forgotten.

Natsu X FairyTail3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )


I'm not a PS3 hater get your mind right. I dont like you guys here that's about it. I love ps3.


I dont reckon people having problems with the Yakuza Series. People love it. Only bad thing I recall happening is the U.S Version having less content than the Japanese version of the game.

UnwanteDreamz3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Here you are again wagging your judgmental finger at one side and ignoring the other. Where where your commnets on ODST being short? How about MW2 that I have seen you defend with the passion of a lunatic? Where is your level head then?

Day after day all I see from you is critisism towards the PS3 fankids but you seem to only be capable of seeing their BS.

Why are you using that link to a story that has nothing to do with the argument. The devs already said it was 11 to 12 including cutscenes that are not recorded by as gamplay time? Everyone postin 8.5 hrs is full of crap. They are using the recorded time the game gave them.

I'm glad to see that you can be above all the fankid stuff but seems one side of that gets a free pass from you always. Talk about playing the victim.

EDIT: If you are going to claim something you should offer proof. I would like to know how many REAL gaming websites critisized ODST and MW2 for being short. You must be reffering to blogs that pop up here. Blogs are not the media.

Kevin ButIer3142d ago

That trolls ended with the "its too short" argument...


Rockox3142d ago

I would've enjoyed Dead Space alot more if it had been two levels shorter. Still a good game, just a biiiiiit too long for me.

ReservoirDog3163142d ago

Well, I'm not getting GoW3 (I suck, suck at hack n slash games) but if it is kinda short, I'd say it wouldn't be an issue for me. One of my favorite things about Uncharted 1 was that it was so short. It means I could have fun and beat it in like a day or two (read: fun weekend game).

I loved Uncharted 2 (see my bio) but my one tiny problem with it was it was longer than the first. Meaning from a weekend game it's a week-long game.

My point is, people are just trying to complain. Short or long isn't a problem as long as there's replayablity.

XRider3142d ago

God of War 3 isn't exactly short, now Modern Warfare is short. I think people expect games to be longer because of some of the things Sony said about Blu-ray adding to games.

God_Of_Epicness3142d ago

Actually catching em all is impossible for any Pokemon series. You have to hack it.

-Alpha3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Are you kidding? I have trashed on MW2 like nothing other. You are clearly misinformed. Also, in regards to length the difference is that both of these games have a Multiplayer component in which the game is not played for the single player but for the multiplayer. ODST is an exception where the story was heavily hyped only to have it fall short in length, but like I have said, quality has never been dependent on length.

MW2 is a trash game all around. ODST is DLC that Bungie charged full price for and justified that with the same multiplayer and a new mode. The difference with these two games is that they have a multiplayer, and multiplayer is the main focus. You don't judge uncharted 2 primarily by MP do you? Actually, ODST is primarily a Single player game, and yes, it was short and TRASHED by every PS3 fan and even 360 fans. I am the one who said that length does not dictate how good a game is and that is the EXACT same thing I said about God of War 3 on this very page. You missed my point: Marius tries to act as if the media is out to sabotage God of War and says that it's Clearly a PS3 title because people are criticizing the length when he knows damn well that length has been criticized in many games, 360 exclusives included.

"Day after day all I see from you is critisism towards the PS3 fankids but you seem to only be capable of seeing their BS."

Again, you are misinformed. There is much more PS3 news here than 360 first of all and much more PS3 fanboys than 360 ones. When an anti-PS3 article like this one gets approved it's media bias. When an article that says 360 is more expensive than PS3 it's "the truth".

"Why are you using that link to a story that has nothing to do with the argument. The devs already said it was 11 to 12 including cutscenes that are not recorded by as gamplay time? Everyone postin 8.5 hrs is full of crap. They are using the recorded time the game gave them."

GOOD. THAT is what I wanted to see! An actual argument instead of "omg, the media is biased!" I have no problem with this comment you are making, at least you have the balls to provide a constructive argument. The point of the link was to show that it's not just a biased 360 media that is pointing out length yet PS3 fans are acting like length is suddenly an issue.

The irony of shortness is that with ODST and MW2 PS3 fans had no problem bashing length, yet when the same is done with a PS3 game it suddenly becomes wrong to do so.

Your complaint about me favoring one side has nothing to do with this, yet you bring it up, what's the relevancy of that? I've already told you before that this site and its users have a clear favoritism towards the PS3. People throw a hissy fit when something bashes the PS3 here but when something bashes the 360 nobody complains: just look at how the recent articles proclaiming Move will beat Wii AND Natal, how the 360 will lose console wars, how 360 is more expensive. All of that is regarded as "truth" articles, yet when someone tries to question the length of a PS3 game it suddenly becomes biased.

PS3 fans here are so uptight about something negative being said that they completely ignore or deny the facts and resort to fallacious ad hominens like "the media is biased" instead of just realizing that a negative comment doesn't make you some kind of anti-PS3 fanboy. And on this site it's PS3 fanboys. On other sites is 360 fanboys who cry about someone daring to say "MS milks its fanbase".

People will hide behind disagrees, throw around juvenile assumptions like "the media is biased", and totally get insecure if the media says something bad. So WHAT if God of War is short? Why does that make it a bad thing? Why are people SO adamant on the media perceiving this game to be perfect? Every game has flaws, and if length is one of them then so be it.

sid4gamerfreak3142d ago

Why has this pointless article been approved?

Tiberium3142d ago

The God of war collection was an amazing deal. 40+ hours of HD remastered gameplay for only $30. And yet GOW3 is only 8 hours at $60. I could finish it in one sitting.

MazzingerZ3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I think 20-30 minutes would be too short unless it's full with cheap deaths and hard as hell and no check points nor possibility to save...oh wait...

TechnicalBS3142d ago

I couldn't careless how good of a game both GoW or ODST were. I'm not paying $60 for a game that's only 5 to 8 hours long. I made the mistake with MW2, but I'm not repeating that same mistake.

Just take a look at games like Mass Effect and MGS4. Those games were a good 20/30 hours, and they were beautiful to look at. Not to mention epically fun.

I'm glad that game reviewers are telling their readers how long these games are. I hope they don't stop.

The Wood3142d ago

the point is that it isn't short and neither is mgs4 just because some can beat it in under 5 hours. The media is biased...please just deal with it. Its BS plus that of the yesteryear superfanboys like cybersentinal, mart et el have almost created a seige mentality for ps3 owners...some of which have become too sensitive but the fact remain that the western media has its own champion now...the 360. Sony is not 'their own' or 'one of ours' and looking after your own is human nature across the globe from individuals top organisations. I sometimes ask my american buddies why some of them feel american cars are better than european ones.....its not what they KNOW its what they're TOLD...american cars are the best....the european cars are not that much better.... a european v6 is quicker than our v12s because x fud....Its human nature. Some people really do think american cars are better and you have to ask yourself WHY? People underestimate how strong a tool the media is....Why'd you think so much money gets spent on advertising, marketing, viral, slander....for kicks maybe? Wake UP

Not at you alpha but inspired by

boodybandit3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Battlefield Bad Company 2.
In 1 day I beat the game (skipped the cut scenes) and reached level 5 online. Now that is short!

Dante's Inferno was a short game too.
Then again most games are short if you just rush through them and don't look for the items and battle all the enemies. I don't see why this is being raised. Why is it length, and in most cases, lack of online modes, made such a big deal of this generation?

If you don't want to purchase it, RENT IT!
For me personally God of War 3 is an absolute must have game regardless of length! Quality earns my dollar every time.

-Alpha3142d ago

Fair enough. Even if we share conflicting views I can at least rely on you to provide proper reasoning.

My comment was mainly associated with the fact that even though media may have a bias it's not fair to take the other high road and act as if a game is impervious to flaws and criticisms. People always seem to take one end of an extreme.

I don't understand why a game being short has to be turned into a bad thing or the media trying to bash it. In fact, outside of N4G's politics I haven't seen reviews deduct heavy points for length whatsoever. Yet, with N4G, every person who has a semi-functioning brain can post something that can get approved. GoW may be short-- the series has always been around or under 20 hours, and if people are claiming to beat it in 8 hours then there is no need to make the generalization that the whole media is out to attack another PS3 game as if short games have never before received heat or concern. That was my only problem. PS3 fans, and fans in general of a console are so paranoid with a negative criticism that they aren't ever willing to criticize something of their console just because it gives ammunition to the opposite fan group. It's such a sad, pathetic, and dishonest perspective that people have.

EvilBlackCat3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Some people here complained about some Multiplatform(The ones that sell more on Xbox360) & some Xbox360 games of been short.

I have a greeeeeeeeeaaaat question for you

WHY DA FnCK are you complaining now stupid fanboys?

8? The game is great anyway

10? The game is great anyway

12? The game is great anyway


kancerkid3142d ago


Try getting to lvl 50 in MP

DailyAddict3142d ago

ODST was 4 hours long. So stfu please.

badz1493142d ago

Heavenly Sword, gears1, ODST, MW2, Lego Indiana Jones...are TOO SHORT! 8+ hours games aren't short by any meaning! there's nothing else to complaint about GoW3 and the media is bringing up the 'too short' card! why am I not surprised? oh...another PS3 exclusive shows its AWESOMENESS! god forbid that happens without bashing!

boodybandit3142d ago

I will get to level 50 on both PSN and XBL.
I actually find it easier to level up the more powerful I get. I am level 20 on PSN and I got 22706 points in one round. When you first start out you are lucky to break a hundred.

kewlkat0073142d ago

Really, that's why it comes down to...this will take nothing from the game/series but the wheel goes round and round...

coolfool3141d ago

was TR:Legend 4-6 hours? To do it in that time (esp. 4hrs) you would have had to ignore all the secrets and had it on the easiest difficult.

At moderate difficulty and searching for a moderate amount of collectables I would says it's anywhere from 8 - 12 hours. I don't even remember reviews complaining about the game length.

I hate it when websites talk complete crap! Grrr

From IGN:

Lasting Appeal
A nine- to 12-hour single-player offline game, but you can replay any level as a time trial, and a bucketload of collectibles (gold, silver, bronze) will keep completists happy for several hours more.

unworthyBOZO3141d ago

8-10 hours is fine for me especially when the game is as amazing as God of War III, seems to me 360 trolls are butthurt.

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WMW3142d ago

all i have to say is reviewers had no problem with gow3 and neither do the people playing it now. i guess length only matters when the game is trash like odst. so the bots can scream 8 hrs for the rest of their miserable lives it isn't going to change the fact it is a masterpiece. : )

borgome3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

8 hours of button mashing hack & slash, maybe. I guess I could possibly pick it out of the bargain bin for 5 or 10 bucks, but thats it though.

nycredude3142d ago

Good luck finding GOW 3 for $5 within the next 2-3 years. You'd have a better chance of finding a game on the 360 worth playing. Oops what DID I do!? See what I did there. The only way to combat stupidity is with more stupidity.

yourgodisdead3142d ago

Any game which has a main story mood under 6 hours is too short.

tunaks13142d ago

unlike MW2 short ass campaign I'm willing to bet GOW III's will actually be worth playing.

AngryFork3142d ago

7 hours or less is too short for 60$. 8 hours is ehh, but it better be hell of an experience.

Doesn't matter though because the only people who beat games like GOW (on their first play-through) within 8 hours are people who rush all the time and don't look in every area or fight every enemy. With games like that I end up beating them in 12-15 hours on the first play-through because I look everywhere I can and fight all the enemies, I take it slow and enjoy the experience.

These guys rush through everything and then act like it's Sony's fault they speed-ran through the game and then post bait articles about how the game is short so they could get more hits on their crappy website/blog that nobody would ever look at if it weren't for the flamebait.

ChozenWoan3142d ago

It's the only way possible. I've got the book, but I'm not using that until after my first play through. I like to see if I can figure everything out myself. Makes me proud that "I" beat the game and not just followed the book as if I was a robot that needed to be given step by step instructions.

If I look at the book it will be only because I got stuck, and I mean really got stuck for a while.