GameZone: Metro 2033 Review

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski writes,

"So do you have what it takes to survive the perilous world of Metro 2033? The single-player affair is worthy of every FPS fanatics' time since the 4A Games and THQ were able to put forth a wonderful tale that deserved telling. The world is engrossing as it invites players for multiple trips with the sheer amount of detail 4A Games spent implementing into the environments. Metro 2033 is as pure as they come in the genre and I gladly welcome any sequel that may reach fruition."

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Roper3163191d ago

why is it a flop? 8 is a solid score as far as I am concerned. I have played many games with review scores lower then a 8 that I loved. The most recent being White Knight Chronicles.

Just because it is not on the PS3 doesn't mean it is a flop and the same goes for a game that is on the PS3 but not on the 360.

TD_RJ3191d ago

Goddammit ! i pressed disagree by mistake =/ scratch the 1 disagree and give yourself a 1 agree from me =D

2FootYard3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

You're a cunt, MariusElijah. You're a cunt too moderator!

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athmaus3191d ago

Game looks interesting thx for info

Caspel3191d ago

THQ is on a roll this year. Darksiders and now this? I can't wait for Homefront and Warhammer: Space Marine should be pleasant surprises too.

athmaus3191d ago

i think warhammer might be a great game as well...cant wait t see it :)

Darren_y23191d ago

Love the stalker series so this will be interesting to play.

Caspel3191d ago

not sure if you are aware, but many ex-stalker devs were on the dev of Metro 2033

GiantEnemyCrab3191d ago

Not a bad score but I have to say I thought this game was going to score a majority in the 9's. It seemed it had it all, good graphics, interesting story and had the cool Stalker vibe.

I still want to try it for myself but I think I'm going to rent instead.

Caspel3191d ago

Anything in the 9 is a Game of the Year and possibly Game of the Decade worthy type game.

DelbertGrady3191d ago

I say all reviews of this game are biased. They gave it lower scores just because it doesn't have multiplayer./s

Caspel3191d ago

lol, do you even have the game?

DelbertGrady3191d ago

/s is for 'sarcasm'.

I'm just using a cliché. Want another one?

"The reviewers just don't get the game."

Caspel3191d ago

LOL, I understand. sorry on my behalf.

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