BioShock 2 does Parenting Better than Heavy Rain

Jeffrey Matulef of TheGameReviews writes: "What do Heavy Rain and BioShock 2 have in common? Aside from lots of water, they're both about the same thing: fatherhood. Though the two games go about it in very different ways." (Challenging Conventions #10)

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Haly3140d ago

I'm not so sure if I'd say BioShock 2 did it better. A combination of the two would have worked well though.
Heavy Rain didn't explore the relationship as deeply as it could have, despite starting very well. Shaun did feel more like an object than anything else in the end.

Then again I wasn't a big fan of BioShock 2's way of focusing more on the action than the emotional connections that could have potentially been there.

I felt more for Shaun than I did any of the Little Sisters.

Haly3140d ago

Yup! Was strangely unphased by Eleanor :/ Maybe it's just me being odd though ;)

tehk1w13140d ago

That little kid in Heavy Rain was a retarded brat. NO I WANNA RUN OUTSIDE INTO TRAFFIC. SPLAT.

SlamVanderhuge3140d ago


Yeah...that kid was annoying, and a terrible sword fighter.

Darkfocus3140d ago

if it I probably would have just let him die :/

2FootYard3140d ago Show
morganfell3140d ago

Heavy Rain does innovative storytelling better than Bioshock 2.

creatchee3140d ago

The storytelling in HR is great, don't get me wrong - but it's the connection that you get with the characters that makes it work. They could've taken the same exact plot and went about the interactions and such completely differently and the game would have not had the impact that it does. Credit to Quantic Dream for realizing that plot isn't the only thing that drives a story...

CadDad3140d ago

I don't think Heavy Rain was trying to get you to connect with the son. I think the connection was supposed to be with the father and his emotions in a time like that. At least that's who I connected with, projecting the feelings I'd have if one of my kids were in a similar situation. The connection with the kid was really quite irrelevant to the game.


maniacmayhem3139d ago

i agree with Caddad, it was the Father that the developers wanted the user to feel emotion for.

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